Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why UnionPay Cannot be Taken As Bank?

When the president of China UnionPay Wen said in early 2015 towards internal speech "if the mountain is not coming to us, we went to the mountain." After we see is China UnionPay "roll up their sleeves", first pay to promote flash, followed by the introduction of paid cloud lightning cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, turn the end of the long-awaited Apple Pay football into the bag. After taking over when the text towards China UnionPay, China UnionPay to open attitude is very clear, this attitude emerged in 2015 Chronology strong determination to compete for the market.

Last year's "decision" As soon as he announced, we have seen all kinds of interpretation from the media followed out, which part of the analysis, although superficial, but fairly rationally analyzed, but there are some media interpretation is quite outrageous , if it is from the liquidation of strengthening domestic forwarding market competition point of view to write, how many still dip side, most of the comments are purely scandalous: Some scholars have suggested switching mechanism open clearing threshold is too high, hindering determined to join third party payment companies to participate; some media were also raised by the so-called Beijing municipal Government and the Shenzhen municipal Government and relevant departments of the central bank co-led the establishment of "Southern Union", "Northern Alliance", which come up with the "Civil war" ; even the agricultural letter silver, silver letter to the city to be developed into a "card organization."

These loud voices, confused and transfer payment agencies clearing agency awareness and understanding, that a cat will become large enough to support the "tiger", but the cat is a cat christian louboutin shoes uk store, never become a tiger.

There is the introduction of media interpretation of "big firms want to build a card organization", in the interview, also a reporter asked the matter, is the author of this negative attitude, but the interviewer mentioned this is an imitation of American Express mode.

I told that if mention American Express mode, it should be careful to understand the background pattern formed by American Express, a bank can not simply that the school will be able to set up American Express "card organization", it was also mentioned initially Visa and MasterCard are established by the bank red bottom shoes sale uk, the bank can be used as a reason for the establishment of today's card organization. As everyone knows, these references have neglected this important concept of "Time."

First, American Express mode is not deliberately formed by its special historical background and business background of the decision. In 1958 American Express card, credit cards available from Grand to eight years, the US credit card market is in its infancy, not many patterns forming, and later to the formation of the leading card organizations "quartet model" has not yet appeared, has entered the market, issuers are using a "tripartite model", even to the Visa, MasterCard long after the appearance, the tripartite models are occupy the dominant position of credit cards.

Despite after Visa, MasterCard are beginning to turn the Quartet mode, American Express still continue to uphold the tripartite mode until the 1990s, gradually opening up began in cooperation with the bank while maintaining the original model involved four modes. American Express costs spent decades and countless open up the market to create today's situation, this situation was not designed in advance, but in the development of the market constantly adjust formed.

American Express and Discover Card mode is similar to the United States, although there is a place in the credit card market, but also difficult to enlarge the scale. In today's credit card market is already mature red bottom shoes uk outlet, if you also want to try American Express mode, it can be said to have been almost impossible.

Second, although Visa, MasterCard evolved are led by banks, Visa dominated founded by Bank of America, MasterCard former Illinois five banks established in 1964 Midwestern bank card association formed after the merger and reorganization. But in terms of a single large US bank, or from MasterCard early Dhaka several banks jointly, ultimately choosing the "joint and open."

This issue Visa's first CEO Dee Hock's book has a wonderful description, he persuaded as a founding institution Bank of America Visa relinquish control over such a new organization that fragments very exciting for Visa to lay the open basis. He said:

Based on management control will inevitably lead to the failure of the new organization - all of the principles because it is out of our carefully research contradicts these principles we believe in. If you discard these principles, the new organization will be no life, no soul. Truly honest person will not be subject to control under the conditions of this work, architecture authorized cooperation will not be forced to conduct various authorized banks will never share ownership transfer to the only organization controlled by a bank.

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