Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alibaba's Kingdom of Electronic Commerce

"Do not do all the business electricity supplier, but all companies must do the electricity business!" March 1, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong in "2016 days cat global business of the General Assembly" calls upon the scene, China does not need to rely on a network to appear commodity suppliers, consumers, channel isolation from a wall, "this block 'Berlin wall' no longer there!" this day, there are more than more than 800 well-known business executives came Xixi park Ali Baba christian louboutin wedding shoes, upgrade Business transformation jointly DT era.

Zhang Yong said, "we all know, such a retail business, the Internet just to play the role of a replica of the commercial Internet, I think all businesses will abandon this thing."

Currently, the Internet and business to accelerate full penetration and fusion, has formed a "no power suppliers not" situation. Yong believes, "because the network is nowhere unreachable, we should make use of the Internet from all of our businesses to consumers closer to all consumer behavior, businesses can get better feedback, better data so that the whole can better enhance business efficiency. "

Beginning last year, Alibaba has been integrated ecosystem resources, launched numerous initiatives enabling businesses, Internet businesses and become fully integrated boosters. "Focus on experience christian louboutin wedges, ecological prosperity, enabling businesses, consumer upgrade" Ali Baba 2016 retail electric providers to upgrade the most important business.

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