Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Director Change of Zhongtou Group

March 10 evening, the group re-released resignation announcement that Mr. Li Peiyu due to work, the board of directors has resigned, resigned as chairman of the company's executive director, chairman of the Board Strategy and Investment Committee members and risk management Committee chairman, Committee member christian louboutin wedges. Contribution during the tenure of the Board of Directors of Mr. Li re-development of the Group made very much appreciated.

At the same time, the list of the board's official website re-group, no chairman. According to the company's past practice, the former party secretary in as the occasion was also nominated as chairman of the board candidates. Barring unforeseen circumstances, then the new party secretary Yuan Riverside Group as its new chairman candidates. Subject to the Board of Directors through the election and other related processes christian louboutin sale uk, and the qualifications required by the CIRC approval.

Economic Observer reported March 9 had an exclusive report, the major shareholder of another group - China Investment Corporation (the "Investment Corporation") on March 5 issued appointments and dismissals within the file christian louboutin uk outlet, chairman of the Group Mr. Li not clear then again any party secretary, the Central CIC international Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CIC international") Riverside general manager Yuan took office the post.

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