Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Problems of Shoes Online Sales

"Report" shows that in 2015 annual reports concerning complaints and information online shopping total 62,313, an increase of 100.34 percent over last year. Among them, 47,308 complaints, an increase of 120.44 percent over last year; Report 3483, an increase of 119.06 percent over last year; consulting 11522, an increase of 43.08% over last year.

From the nature of the consumer, the main problems are reflected in the quality, service, unfair competition (false propaganda, false free single activity), inappropriate slogan (not including the date of delivery as promised red bottom shoes sale uk), account funding issues.

And on March 8, Alibaba Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Group Jack Ma appeared internet governance section swearing, he categorically said at the scene, "Ali al counterfeiting for themselves, but also to the next generation, we do not want everyone forever living in a society regardless of true and false. "

Ma pointed out that Alibaba platform control unit is not "fake Ali team", but "fake national team." Alibaba to build a "China most thorough and most professional counterfeiting and intellectual property protection team" in the next three to five years, so fake completely lost living space, all ways that can be taken to combat fakes red bottom shoes uk outlet, protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, the fight against fakes can not hurt the innocent, must not appear "rather victimizes 1000, do not want to let go of a" play to the introduction of professionals professionalism, integrity and find out from among the thousands that are not honest people. Currently, Alibaba has more than 2,000 full-time employees responsible for anti-counterfeiting, and another 5,000 community volunteers to actively participate in anti-counterfeiting.

Data show that in April 2015 to September, Alibaba push to law enforcement gang selling fake clues 717 (excluding daily catechesis clues), eligible for law enforcement agencies around filing of 330, 279 cases were detected from red bottom shoes uk online. Meanwhile, Alibaba assist police broke counterfeiting, warehousing, selling more than 600 dens and arrested 715 suspects.

On the same day, Alibaba Group's online shopping platform upgrade Lynx re-sale protection, the introduction of "Fast Return" service. In the future, high-quality consumer for seven days no reason to return the application, you can enjoy the return application 0 second response, rookie pick back, refunds full link speed, one-stop return experience cheap red bottom shoes uk. From application to initiate a refund credited into account, the fastest only 2 hours. Alibaba Group's big data marketing platform Ali mother is released in 2015, Ali Mama accumulated blocked 46 million malicious extension, effectively purify the Internet marketing environment.

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