Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Creat More Chances for Rural Areas

March 8 electricity "Thirteen Five" period, China's rural poverty completion of a comprehensive well-off society "stumbling block", turning around poor, poverty being the "two sessions" on behalf of the members attention. Second session of the National People's Congress, chairman Gao Dekang Bosideng Group believes that a wide range of large rural poverty reduction, the key is precision, delegate to fish than giving the fishing, to change "is helping to give money were" the traditional concept, study effective means of poverty alleviation. It can make use of the Internet economy in poor areas of rural development thinking electricity supplier, so that "Internet +" has become an important rural poverty precise force point.

Gao Dekang representative said, in fact, many poor areas of natural resources are abundant, but the product to get out, and go back to talent, a great pity. Now Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other third-party electronic business platform have the layout of the rural market, "Internet + non-rural" has become economically backward regions corner overtaking opportunity. "Poverty can make use of the region 'Internet +' in the east christian louboutin boots, according to local conditions to integrate the use of local resources, the resource advantages into industrial advantage, in place to guide the development of the poor electricity supplier, ecological agriculture, tourism and other new formats and push the masses at home entrepreneurship, local employment , to achieve poverty alleviation. "

Last October, the State Council issued "guidance on the promotion of e-commerce to accelerate rural development," clearly the key tasks of rural e-commerce development and policy initiatives, but the current broadband, payment, logistics, and human resources development in rural areas is still electricity supplier the main challenge. Gao Dekang representative suggested that the government level to do your homework top-level design and development of mechanisms to guide the thinking and the development of the Internet industries with local advantages, promote the local electricity supplier electricity suppliers and third-party platforms, and strengthening the brand building of agricultural products, the implementation of "One Village One Product" "one town one production" program, to promote the development of industrial clustering. At the same time, providing efficient public services christian louboutin flats in the electricity business enterprises registered, improve the training system, personnel and other aspects of employment security.

Such as Jiangsu County, known as "Chinese fruit ', is famous township specialty vegetables. As a first Ali Baba "Thousands of Villages and county" pilot project 2.0 County, Jiangsu Province, the County sales of agricultural products as the main content of the rural e-commerce as a strategic emerging industries to build, to create value through the "investment in infrastructure, eco-activated, innovative services, "four strategic layout, to attract talented people return to rural entrepreneurship. Promote the construction of a large electricity providers Logistics Park River Group and Taobao village formed a cluster of rural electricity provider, led the local produce online sales. Farmers will be able to stay at home Fuji apple christian louboutin mary jane pumps, burdock, yam, asparagus and other characteristics of the country to sell fruits and vegetables. By 2015, the county agricultural online sales of 3.8 billion, driven 2 million jobs in the layout of modern agriculture, poverty driven development to achieve better results.

"Most of the rural poor do not have the knowledge and technology, the development of the concept behind, will not do business, not to mention the brand image. + Precise implementation of Internet poverty, first to promote the concept of innovation, broaden horizons of development, so that the villagers connected with the world. "Gao Dekang said that in the process of development of rural electricity supplier, to promote broadband village, 4G mobile internet coverage, improve the rural infrastructure, electricity supplier. To be based on the local foster youth entrepreneurship Student Village and returnees, the introduction of e-commerce leader, led the majority of the villagers, "net", shop, poverty alleviation, "company + farmers" "cooperative + farmer", "agricultural industrial park + farmers" other models leading local brand, and promote the development christian louboutin peep toe pumps and expansion of the electricity supplier. To encourage and guide the national agricultural leading backbone enterprises stationed origin, support the development of leading enterprises and farmers cooperative demonstration club, to build a modern agricultural industrial park, to achieve "enterprise + base + farmers + electricity supplier" common development.

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