Thursday, March 10, 2016

Is It Possible to Make Money From Renting Shoes?

In the "Internet +" era, there were many attempts to retail innovation subversive play, Wan shoes cloud providers launched the "rent shoes" shoe business seems to break the traditional pattern, a wide range of heat in a certain agenda. In the United States, Italy, are showing shoes lease of 020 start-up companies around the basic needs of the fashion scene, banquets and special places to daily rental-based. In addition to rent shoes christian louboutin rolando pumps, clothing rental service abroad is a big hot topic, but what clothes rent, rent shoes, whether for the domestic market?

For new services, focused on consumer pain points more pain, he indicates that the more there is a market for this service. In general, whether to rent or buy shoes shoes, brand, price, style, color, style, service, consumers will take into account all the factors of comfort, fashion, matching, seasonal christian louboutin sandals, etc., in a way, in fact, not only can rent shoes make consumer choice and experience the diversity, but also to maximize the cost of shoes, which is the square should lease shoe shoe business cloud providers to create a starting point.

Wan shoes cloud providers lease to consumers every pair of shoes for the new shoes, the shoes simply by paying 10% of the original price of the rent, you can enjoy 3 months, 6 months, 9 months lease cycle, three working days after the lease expires, consumers can fill out the information online to handle the return of the shoes and the deposit refund procedures, of course, if consumers do not want to return the shoes, you can also apply for renewal. In addition christian louboutin slingbacks, as consumers rent shoes lease term damage under normal use, consumers do not need to be responsible for the deposit refund can normally not be affected.

From a business model point of view, Wan shoes cloud providers can make the practice of leasing company's cash flow is always in tradable state, long shoes and apparel industry stubbornly high inventory to reduce the rental form, the line can make an inventory of resources and reduce the vacancy caused by the resource hidden costs of waste christian louboutin sneakers. For consumers, the past is not willing to spend 2,000 yuan to buy shoes, you can wear now 200 yuan to go home, to buy shoes become available for rent, the addition of a choice.

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