Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuniu Cooperates with International Tourism Bureau

According to the National Tourism Bureau statistics, in 2015 the number of Chinese citizens travel abroad at 1.2 million passengers, tourism spending reached $ 104.5 billion, contribution to the global tourism revenue more than 13% annually, China has become the world's indispensable source markets. With the world tourism exchanges between China's increasingly close, how to provide better travel experience for Chinese tourists christian louboutin black, how to promote the exchange became the focus of national tourism resources. During the 2016 ITB Berlin, the way cattle joint Berlin Tourism Board (VisitBerlin) together to create the 2016 "China Night" theme, inviting national tourism bureau, suppliers, experts and representatives of international exchange to discuss tourism cooperation.

Berlin Tourism Board CEO Burkhard Kieker said that they chose the way cattle in many tourism enterprises in China to become "China Night" co-sponsor of the sole, is the value of its dominant position in China's online leisure travel market. Especially in the outbound market, annually to the popular christian louboutin ankle boots tourist destination of global transport a large number of tourists. Berlin Tourist Office has maintained close cooperation with the way cattle relations and hopes to promote the tourism resources in Germany by way cattle this platform to attract more Chinese tourists to go traveling.

"China Night" opening speech, the way cattle president Yan Haifeng said, "very pleased with the exchange in such event ITB Berlin with you. As China's leading online leisure travel companies, the way cattle since 2006 inception, focused on to provide users with more and better online leisure travel products and services, we have been to 'make travel easier "for enterprise mission to' tourist entrance, world-class companies' corporate vision christian louboutin boots. we hope that through our efforts to promote Chinese tourism contribute to the development of industry, so that more Chinese tourists have the opportunity to go abroad to see the world! "

In addition, also introduced the guests to live the way cattle in regional development, strategic distribution supply chain finance, and other aspects of an open platform. By 2015, the way cattle over 11,000 partner suppliers, which has one hundred million suppliers 11. 2015 Tuniu accelerate the development of proprietary products to enhance the proportion of direct mining, for users to create more rich, personalized tourism products; in January 2016, announced the introduction of an open platform Tuniu investment policy on flights, hotels, theme tours three business with partners sharing the way cattle traffic and product integration advantages, focusing on creating '+ X' travel ecosystem. We hope that christian louboutin flats through partnerships with quality suppliers, have more global quality tourism resources, to provide users with better service destination. "We hope that by participating in the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, with more partners to cooperate together to create a more brilliant future."

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