Thursday, March 3, 2016

Development of Apple UAV Industry

In the past, Dajiang is called "apple UAV industry," Dajiang last tactical move that it be treated with Apple Playbook is the same, does not participate in the competition of price war red bottom shoes uk online, Dajiang opened its own retail entity shop, enhanced software support, focusing on research and development. Last year, sold 70% of the UAV from Dajiang, 2016, the number of industry-wide sales in 2015 of about 2-fold, about 200 million units.

Although many companies are selling UAVs, including Parrot, Yuneec (Hao Xiang) and 3D Robotics, but Dajiang believe consumers will buy it for their new technology and brands cheap red bottom shoes uk. The new "Wizard 4" sells for $ 1,399 more than last April published Wizard 3 expensive. After two years of research and development, "Wizard 4" with a perception disorder, intelligent follow, pointing flight functions.

After the release of "Wizard 3" 11 months, Dajiang 2015 sales of 10 billion, but these devices are now on sale, enough to weaken its competitors. "Wizard 3 Standard Edition" red bottom shoes uk store is now the retail price of less than $ 500.

Last year, in terms of software Dajiang put a lot of resources, in April last year issued a SDK, programmers have the opportunity to develop their drones App and new features. Some developers believe that due to the limitations of the SDK and the lack of communication with Dajiang, the initial development of no people left a deep impression, the company quickly adjust, the company last year in Palo Alto, California established a capacity of 75 people R & D Center, App developers have priority christian louboutin black. Before the former Apple antenna design and set up Rob Schlub Tesla autopilot engineer Darren Liccardo have joined in the last 12 months.

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