Saturday, March 12, 2016

Government Should Make More Developments

NPC deputy governor of Shandong Province Guo talked comprehensively deepen reforms, full of emotion, very familiar, one specific figures, a piece of fresh examples, picked at random christian louboutin sale uk, vivid and natural. Guo told reporters on behalf of, in the past year, Shandong Province, seriously implement the central policies and arrangements for a comprehensive deepening reform, adhere to comprehensively promote breakthroughs in key areas and combining grass-roots exploration of top-level design and the combination of scientific planning and promote the implementation of the combination , deepening reform presents full force, multi-point breakthrough, walked quickly stabilized the line, pushed forward momentum.

According to authoritative research institutions nationwide survey conducted last fiscal transparency rankings, among the best in Shandong Province. "This is the result of deepening reform." Guo representative said that fiscal reforms dare Kenyinggutou Shandong Province, the provincial, municipal and county levels of all public government budget and final accounts, departmental budgets and final accounts and the "Three" funding budget and final accounts christian louboutin uk outlet, government money Where, how to spend, are clearly, clearly and simply bask in the sun, the whole society to accept supervision. "These reforms, directed at the government's own power, reflecting the reform of Shandong determination and courage." Guo representative said.

Financial reform areas, Shandong compelling. Last year, the scale of social financing Shandong increased 757.01 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the country increment, the province's financial industry accounts for the proportion of GDP reached 5%. The province's direct financing 459.17 billion yuan, double the growth in 2014, based on 2015 has increased by 20.5%. In terms of financial innovation pilot province, Lu Han financial cooperation, local financial legislation christian louboutin uk online, inclusive finance organizational development, financial ecological environment construction, planning to launch a series of policy measures and reforms, and effectively promoted the province's financial and real economy development of.

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