Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Design Styles in Spring 2016

From the 2016 spring and summer show floor can also see this trend, Kendall first go Elie Saab's show also remember it for a fairy skirt is really fatigued ah, compared fairy I love this style, little black dress with lace print jacket, is not compared to a net color broth widowed water worth seeing justice. Korean designer Won Ji Yeun creation of personal brand R.Shemiste always take the simple route and neat, his family were handsome leather coat and blown up, this season has a floral embroidered jacket.

German designer Philipp Plein founded in Switzerland personal brand of the same name, this year's early autumn series is also heavily used in large printing element, the body may be overwhelmed printing christian louboutin sneakers, but printing jacket worn alone or very handsome. Stella McCartney's spring vacation series also appeared simple and elegant printing money to fight this dark blue sleeve jacket with few little flowers is really a village to the outskirts of Ta Chun feeling.

Not only is the bomber jacket, Common cotton jacket is the same reason, especially non-black does not love even to refer to the next. Take the high-necked wool meaning christian louboutin wedding shoes has to beat, and then ride in a black jacket on too rigid, and two single-product has little gloss, and replaced with black and red jacket printing would not be clouded up.

Such a pattern is not so fierce tiger feeling christian louboutin wedges, but very cute, because the color combination of high saturation and make the whole look camouflage splicing elements have become diverse, and use some vibrant color contrast accessories, definitely more than the whole wearing flowers compelling elements of higher degree, and less likely to fall into the stereotypes, wild leopard pattern may also consider Oh.

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