Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Experience of Father and Son's Game

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, and "Where is the father," and similar topics hit paternity columns rise early maternal parent-child activities gradually become a new entry point for the field of early childhood education, more and more widely into the public view.

The author of the existing parent-child activities class market research mobile Internet platform, will be summarized into two categories, namely, information providers and product suppliers. Information providers mainly to consumer information and parent-child activities related to aggregates christian louboutin sandals, mobile Internet terminal platform unified released. These include information such as playground clinics attractions tickets, event information as well as maternal and child products promotional information. Product suppliers, including maternal and child class integrated product, and sales of specific products, such as baby products, picture books, children's tourism products.

"Zebra come" is different from the above platform, focusing on the "parent-child activities" as the core product, designed by a professional team as early as preschool customize very interesting and professional education goals parent-child activities, and through the implementation of standards system christian louboutin slingbacks, the parent-child activities to do in order to truly entertaining, the full realization of the "purpose of entertainment, there are feelings of experience have created learning" effect.

"Zebra is coming" parent-child activities platform vision is to improve the quality of Chinese infants accompany family child, so parents and children together in the family happy christian louboutin sneakers and healthy growth of the child's growth by promoting the growth of their parents, but also to the entire family to grow and harvest happiness.

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