Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book the Plane Tickets

Guo Xuzhou as a "worker", in order to take his wife, children to travel abroad, specifically requested a leave, intends in March 7 to March 16 to Australia to play for 10 days. He advanced to October 2015 in "where the network" ordered last March 7 at 5:00 pm Singapore Scoot Flight Singapore fly Sydney transit red bottom shoes uk online. When the family arrived at 7 pm around 2:50 Nanjing airport, the accident happened. Staff Unit counter after the inquiry told Guo, their flight is not March 7, March 6th.

Guo immediately called to go where the network, the site staff said he and Singapore Scoot please contact. "I go where the network ticket information search, where the money to pay for the network, where the network to send me a confirmation message, you can now let me go to the airline?" I was on fire, insisted to the site statement. Several rounds of negotiations, Mr. Guo Lukoujichang sit near 19:00, finally come where the network findings cheap red bottom shoes uk: Scoot in November 2015 had sent him e-mail notification in English flight changes. "Later I find the mailbox, and not this message. And I go where the network to buy tickets, fill in the phone, why the site does not notice me?"

Guo told reporters, where the network solution is given: Contact Scoot application locking Ticket vouchers can be used within six months. Guo told reporters, in order to travel abroad, before and after the transportation, hotel reservations are in order, but because the ticket was laughed out of the problem red bottom shoes uk store, in addition to scheduled flights was 7,000 yuan failed to be implemented, in addition to unsubscribe hotel in vain to pay 4000 yuan total losses of up to 10,000 yuan. "I can not accept this solution."

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