Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Director Change of Zhongtou Group

March 10 evening, the group re-released resignation announcement that Mr. Li Peiyu due to work, the board of directors has resigned, resigned as chairman of the company's executive director, chairman of the Board Strategy and Investment Committee members and risk management Committee chairman, Committee member christian louboutin wedges. Contribution during the tenure of the Board of Directors of Mr. Li re-development of the Group made very much appreciated.

At the same time, the list of the board's official website re-group, no chairman. According to the company's past practice, the former party secretary in as the occasion was also nominated as chairman of the board candidates. Barring unforeseen circumstances, then the new party secretary Yuan Riverside Group as its new chairman candidates. Subject to the Board of Directors through the election and other related processes christian louboutin sale uk, and the qualifications required by the CIRC approval.

Economic Observer reported March 9 had an exclusive report, the major shareholder of another group - China Investment Corporation (the "Investment Corporation") on March 5 issued appointments and dismissals within the file christian louboutin uk outlet, chairman of the Group Mr. Li not clear then again any party secretary, the Central CIC international Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CIC international") Riverside general manager Yuan took office the post.

Registration System Cannot Step Forward Solely

This year's "Government Work Report" no mention of the registration system reform, "Thirteen Five" Plan proposed in the draft should create conditions to implement the stock issuance registration system. So when the market concerned registration system introduced, Liu Shiyu give a clear answer christian louboutin sandals, the registration system is a must do, as to how to engage, to make a thorough study.

Liu Shiyu said about registration system reform, I specifically took a little time to study, roughly divided into two aspects: one is the registration system also pursues, on the other hand is how to engage. These two aspects are not contradictory, but consistent. Here clear answer, a registration system must be engaged.

However, as to how to engage christian louboutin slingbacks, to make a thorough study. Eighth session of the Third Plenary "sound multi-level capital market system, promote the registration system reform, promote equity financing through multiple channels," which several reforms are not isolated, independent, and even split option, they are mutually progressive relationship . That is, the multi-level capital market do a good job, you can create favorable conditions for the registration system reforms.

Meanwhile, Liu Shiyu said registration system reform requires a fairly sophisticated legal environment. Last December 27, the NPC Standing Committee adopted the special special authorization christian louboutin sneakers, effective from March 1 this year, marking the government can start the registration system with the existing approval system reform, institutional approval system needed to convert between a series of complementary rules and regulations. These supporting rules and regulations, research and feasibility studies need a fairly long process.

"In this process, we must fully communicate, to reach a consensus and unite forces, supporting the reform process requires considerable, quite a long time. Registration system is not man Drang." Liu Shiyu said, "whether it is registered or approval system system, we must always uphold the protection of investors' legitimate rights and interests of the concept of good faith christian louboutin wedding shoes, the issuer disclosure rigorous reality check, even if this is the future implementation of a registration system, not only can not relax and must be strengthened. "

Giving More Financial Support to High Inonovations

National Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi 13th at the Great Hall of the channel minister said in an interview, I believe that this year's "double hit" will be greater development, one of the main path is to create a better market environment and institutional environment, strengthen financial support christian louboutin mary jane pumps, further development of angel investment, venture capital, industrial investment.

Xu Shaoshi said that the supply-side structural reforms need to lead through innovation. Slow global economic recovery, new technologies and new industries developed rapidly, but the new format christian louboutin peep toe pumps. The international community generally believes that the economic recovery hopes on scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution and the breeding breakthrough.

Xu Shaoshi said that this is just an innovation and our innovation-driven strategy historic crossroads, provides us with a window of opportunity. Therefore, we should catch up in some areas to track, parallel to some areas, some areas to fight for the lead.

At present, the country has made significant deployment, the top-level design, innovative institutional mechanisms to ensure the deployment of innovation-driven strategy, also announced the "Internet +" strategy to cultivate new impetus to the development, and guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries christian louboutin pumps. The State Department also introduced to encourage the public entrepreneurship and innovation, guidance documents, and create a "four all" platform.

Xu Shaoshi said he believes this year's "double hit" will be greater development, there are two main paths. First, the government will further decentralization, stimulate more market players vitality. At the same time, to create a better market environment and institutional environment, strengthen financial support to further development of angel investment, venture capital, industrial investment. We believe the public medium and small entrepreneurs christian louboutin rolando pumps, scientists, returnees, will actively participate in the "double hit" teams to further better development.

Put More Emphasis on Reforming 5 Most Important Areas

Recently, the reporter from the regional Development and Reform Commission held thematic meeting was informed that, in our region this year will highlight market-oriented, problem-oriented, the implementation of supervision, focus their efforts on a number of landmark down roots lead of key reform tasks christian louboutin black, so that the reform dividend conversion economic development momentum.

Promote economic reform. The introduction of the autonomous region in 2016 to deepen economic reform priorities opinions, according to the central deployment steadily institutions and state-owned enterprises reform of public service vehicles, industry associations and chambers of commerce executive decoupling and other key areas of reform. Reforms have been introduced to implement, promote reform landing force.

Deepen the investment and financing system christian louboutin ankle boots. Promote decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service to develop in depth study and propose further standardize work processes, and strengthen supervision of a matter of opinion afterwards; evaluate decentralization work, examination and approval of individual grassroots indeed unable to undertake the recovery of the higher authorities the exercise of authority. Manage and use the online investment platform for regulatory approval, to ensure that play a role. Continue to clean up regulate investment approval mediation matters, efforts to get rid of the "red top intermediary." Co-ordinate arrangements central budget for investment and special construction fund, priority support government and social capital to invest in cooperation accord (PPP) projects, further activate social capital.

Strengthening the social credit system. The introduction of autonomous credit information management approach, to ensure that the administrative licensing and administrative punishment credit information "double publicity" covering the region's cities and counties. The establishment of Guangxi rural credit information databases christian louboutin boots. Support Nanning, Guilin create a national credit model city.

Further promote price reform. Accelerate the transmission and distribution tariff reform; continue to do long-distance natural gas pipeline ventilation City Price approved work; advancing medical service price classification management, timely release full market competition, strong demand for personalized medical service prices. According to the principle of voluntary participation in municipal conduct TOU pilot for national support for our region to establish tariff and trade-related sales price linkage mechanism.

Health Reform. Grasp the comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals work full coverage, expansion of urban public hospital reform pilot cities to promote the grading clinic, expand health service integration, medical conjoined pilot; control public hospital medical expenses to increase unreasonably. Full implementation of urban and rural residents illness insurance system, the new rural cooperative fund to achieve full coverage of municipal co-ordination christian louboutin flats. Improve the basic drug system and the new system of grass-roots, non-public medical institutions to promote the scale, level.

Foreign Capitals Invested on the Reform of State-owned Firms

This morning, before the second session of the third plenary meeting of the Fourth Session of the National People's Congress, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng after March 9 took second Great Hall "minister channel" interview with reporters red bottom shoes uk outlet, he said, to actively open access to high-end manufacturing restrictions on foreign investment to encourage foreign investment in the transformation of state-owned enterprises, the transformation and upgrading and innovation development.

Gao said, foreign investment is an area of ​​great concern to everyone. President Xi on different occasions stressed that China's utilization of foreign capital will not change three, one is to attract foreign investment policy will not change, encourage foreign development to provide security services in this policy will not change, in addition to providing a supportive environment will not change. Li Jiabao in his government work report which proposed to make to attract foreign investment in China has become a hot spot. "We have to attract foreign investment $ 126 billion last year red bottom shoes uk online, an increase of 5.6%, we note that this change in structure, 70% invest in high-end manufacturing and service industries." He said, "There is a trend in foreign investment, with the domestic industry to upgrade very similar, it is to invest in high-tech, high-tech, high-end manufacturing and a large number of services, which is a big trend we see in general manufacturing, etc. to see some exits while this trend.

With the implementation of and promote the "along the way" initiative, China's central and western regions of China and along the Yangtze River in Yanbian another open forefront of the field. Gao Hucheng said, "In the past a very long period of time, the Midwest use of foreign capital is low, only about 16% a few years ago in the last year," along the way before "initiative may be only 12%, there is also increasing, but we We believe that there is still great potential cheap red bottom shoes uk. we are now working out a new foreign investment industrial guidance Catalogue Midwest, further liberalization of market access into the Midwest. "

Yanbian area along the border economic cooperation zones and the development of cross-border economic cooperation zone, promote the further opening up Yanbian and along the river. In addition, access areas to relax foreign investment, especially in the service sector, such as technology, finance, education, culture, logistics and other aspects, to further expand opening up, while high-end manufacturing to actively study open access restrictions on foreign investment red bottom shoes uk store, actively encourage foreign investment in the transformation of state-owned enterprises, the transformation and upgrading and innovation development.

Personalized Requirements Made by High-end Consumers

March 13, in the country "two sessions", "minister channel", Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng told the media that there have been differences of consumption, the supply of the product, "We have to admit now demand more and more high-level personalization so consumption abroad is increasing christian louboutin shoes uk online, this is our supply-side reforms to be adjusted where consumption abroad is a lot of high-quality, branded products. to optimize the consumption environment protection. "

According to the official China Central Broadcasting sound of micro reported that Gao Hucheng at "minister channel" interview that the cost of Chinese consumption in circulation is more expensive cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, which is twice the developed countries, more than before is 20 yuan, now 15 16 yuan, mainly distribution between cities should strengthen the construction of infrastructure, especially in cold chain development.

Gao Hucheng, last year China resident card consumption abroad 90 billion, how to promote domestic consumption depends on income. 2015, China's per capita income of more than $ 8,000, according to estimates of international institutions, $ 8,000 into the middle-income countries. 20 years ago, exports, investment christian louboutin shoes uk store, consumption, consumption (accounting) is always the lowest, but not anymore, GDP6.9% growth last year, consumption accounted for 66.4%, becoming the troika of the most powerful impetus.

Gao said, in the consumer area, personalized consumer products, differentiation, branding, but the service consumer popularity, the basis of the stage, home economics, health care, education or health tourism hot spots, there is a huge rural market.

He also mentioned that the use of foreign capital to optimize layout. Now China has become the Midwest open a new frontier, the Midwest last year, foreign investment accounted for only 16% before "along the way" only 12% of policy implementation red bottom shoes sale uk, "We are now developing a directory guide Midwest attract foreign investment, further open."

Banking Commission Judges Social Financial Institutions

Turning to Mr. Pan "down payment loans" when they respond, and some real estate development companies, real estate agency run by financial services, did not achieve the appropriate qualifications, which engaged in financial business itself is illegal, but there are still self-financing , self-insurance, a pool of money out of the phenomenon. These self-managed financial services and mortgage down payment of some financial products business cooperation with P2P platform to carry out cheap christian louboutin uk, there is provided not only increase the residents purchase leverage and weaken the effectiveness of macro-control policies, increased financial risk, while also increasing the real estate market risk.

In this regard, Mr. Pan said that People's Bank of China will, together with relevant departments, combined with the upcoming special rectification of Internet financial activities, real estate agencies, real estate development companies and their financial services in cooperation with the P2P platform to carry out rectification christian louboutin uk store, combating customers provide down payment mortgage financing, purchase increased leverage, disguised breakthrough housing credit policies.

Shang Fulin stressed that P2P services, China Banking Regulatory Commission will continue to strengthen supervision, together with relevant departments to carry out special treatment of Internet banking. "Here I want to remind you, in time to participate in social activities, finance, must be very careful to focus our attention on 'Three Views' First Look object to see if it is not for a specific object in the community does not raise funds. Second is to look at returns. See extraordinary Gregory is not a commitment in return. now the situation of the enterprise, economic development we all know christian louboutin shoes sale uk, frequently up to ten percent, even more than ten percent return, which is impossible to do this there is suspicion of illegal fund-raising. Third, look at marketing. to see whether to raise funds in the form of publicity. "Shang Fulin said.

Shang Fulin also warned that the current domestic situation is fairly grim illegal fund-raising, the case is high and frequent stage manner and pattern of crime has also been refurbished. For example, e rent treasure, under the guise of the name of the Internet and P2P, to attract capital to the community is not a specific object christian louboutin shoes uk outlet, suspected of illegal fund-raising, the current authorities have investigated and punished, they are recovered assets to maximize recover damages.

Government Should Make More Developments

NPC deputy governor of Shandong Province Guo talked comprehensively deepen reforms, full of emotion, very familiar, one specific figures, a piece of fresh examples, picked at random christian louboutin sale uk, vivid and natural. Guo told reporters on behalf of, in the past year, Shandong Province, seriously implement the central policies and arrangements for a comprehensive deepening reform, adhere to comprehensively promote breakthroughs in key areas and combining grass-roots exploration of top-level design and the combination of scientific planning and promote the implementation of the combination , deepening reform presents full force, multi-point breakthrough, walked quickly stabilized the line, pushed forward momentum.

According to authoritative research institutions nationwide survey conducted last fiscal transparency rankings, among the best in Shandong Province. "This is the result of deepening reform." Guo representative said that fiscal reforms dare Kenyinggutou Shandong Province, the provincial, municipal and county levels of all public government budget and final accounts, departmental budgets and final accounts and the "Three" funding budget and final accounts christian louboutin uk outlet, government money Where, how to spend, are clearly, clearly and simply bask in the sun, the whole society to accept supervision. "These reforms, directed at the government's own power, reflecting the reform of Shandong determination and courage." Guo representative said.

Financial reform areas, Shandong compelling. Last year, the scale of social financing Shandong increased 757.01 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the country increment, the province's financial industry accounts for the proportion of GDP reached 5%. The province's direct financing 459.17 billion yuan, double the growth in 2014, based on 2015 has increased by 20.5%. In terms of financial innovation pilot province, Lu Han financial cooperation, local financial legislation christian louboutin uk online, inclusive finance organizational development, financial ecological environment construction, planning to launch a series of policy measures and reforms, and effectively promoted the province's financial and real economy development of.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shoes Help to Catch the Crime

Sneakers, so we will have twelve pairs, it can be said to humble. However, it is this humble sneakers, but in the near future, "Help" the public security authorities had captured a burglary "lone thief"! This is how a pair of sneakers, even with so much power? This thing ah, have to start from January this year.

According to correspondent reported that since January this year, Mei Meizhou Jiangbei a spate of burglaries. Mei Jianggong Jinshan Security Bureau police station in the survey found that the vast majority of these burglaries occurred in Jiangbei Dongxiang Village area, and the modus operandi of these cases actually very familiar! Since last year, the police had arrested a suspect surnamed Wang, the same modus operandi, are climbing by hand christian louboutin wedding shoes, from the roof into the room for cash theft. So, this time in the East Room of the Village frequently burglary suspect Wang will be it?

Police found Wang, released from prison last December 31, and that is from the beginning of time, began to frequent burglaries occurred, the suspect Wang suddenly increased. When the police efforts to locate the whereabouts of Wang, the victim of a police calls to police successfully arrested the suspect Wang. A victim, police said, he found himself years ago to buy a pair of shoes to wear now a suspect in the foot, but recently his house into a total of four thieves. After receiving the alarm, the road patrol police immediately rushed to the scene and the victim, and together, in the East Room Village suspects arrested Wang.

Is such a pair of nondescript sneakers, Wang let fall into the French Open. Under questioning, the suspect Wang truthfully confessed last year from December 31 to February 28 this year in the East Room Meicheng Jiangbei Village area burglary crime 11 times, involving the value of about 50,000 yuan fact.

When the police took the suspect Wang identified the crime scene process, many stolen the victim failed to promptly reported to the police, and even some old people own home even stolen money still unaware. At present, the suspect Wang has been the public security organs in criminal detention, the case still pending christian louboutin wedges. Police also reminded some of the suffering burglary, but the masses did not report as soon as possible to the public security organs alarm.

Is It Possible to Make Money From Renting Shoes?

In the "Internet +" era, there were many attempts to retail innovation subversive play, Wan shoes cloud providers launched the "rent shoes" shoe business seems to break the traditional pattern, a wide range of heat in a certain agenda. In the United States, Italy, are showing shoes lease of 020 start-up companies around the basic needs of the fashion scene, banquets and special places to daily rental-based. In addition to rent shoes christian louboutin rolando pumps, clothing rental service abroad is a big hot topic, but what clothes rent, rent shoes, whether for the domestic market?

For new services, focused on consumer pain points more pain, he indicates that the more there is a market for this service. In general, whether to rent or buy shoes shoes, brand, price, style, color, style, service, consumers will take into account all the factors of comfort, fashion, matching, seasonal christian louboutin sandals, etc., in a way, in fact, not only can rent shoes make consumer choice and experience the diversity, but also to maximize the cost of shoes, which is the square should lease shoe shoe business cloud providers to create a starting point.

Wan shoes cloud providers lease to consumers every pair of shoes for the new shoes, the shoes simply by paying 10% of the original price of the rent, you can enjoy 3 months, 6 months, 9 months lease cycle, three working days after the lease expires, consumers can fill out the information online to handle the return of the shoes and the deposit refund procedures, of course, if consumers do not want to return the shoes, you can also apply for renewal. In addition christian louboutin slingbacks, as consumers rent shoes lease term damage under normal use, consumers do not need to be responsible for the deposit refund can normally not be affected.

From a business model point of view, Wan shoes cloud providers can make the practice of leasing company's cash flow is always in tradable state, long shoes and apparel industry stubbornly high inventory to reduce the rental form, the line can make an inventory of resources and reduce the vacancy caused by the resource hidden costs of waste christian louboutin sneakers. For consumers, the past is not willing to spend 2,000 yuan to buy shoes, you can wear now 200 yuan to go home, to buy shoes become available for rent, the addition of a choice.

Do Not Forget to Take Off Your Shoes

March 7, a crowd went to Wang alone Tang opening a home in the village street wall stolen property. After receiving the alarm, Jining City Public Security Bureau police station rushed to Tang opening scene, Wang will be stuck in the house, Wang had no escape in bed pretending to sleep christian louboutin flats. This little trick natural hiding police, Wang was captured on the spot. When caught, he was wearing just a village home to steal the sneakers.

"Recently, Tang mouth several village streets have been several burglaries, although the value of the case is not large, but disturbed the normal life of the villagers." TANGKOU station director Zhai Tao told reporters after the theft occurred, the joint technology Office of Criminal investigation brigade police station on the scene to conduct a careful and meticulous investigation, to extract the relevant trace evidence, at the same time christian louboutin mary jane pumps, Tang mouth sent sent police to carry out investigations, looking for clues to solve.

March 7 evening 7:20 or so, the police station received Tangkou Tangkou street Poe Wangcun village police, said the home theft. More than police immediately drove to the scene, according to a report clues, suspects the theft locks in the center of the street in a village home. After arrest, the police found a bed in Westinghouse suspicious man who was sound asleep. "At that time the suspect lying in bed, and still purr, sometimes we can not judge between his identity." Police told reporters that this time, men sandals attracted the attention of the police christian louboutin peep toe pumps, how can not sleep off your shoes of? Then a closer look, the man apparently pretending to be asleep. Police immediately approached the man pressed down on the bed and seized cigarettes, wallet and other items from them. After then rushed to a villager surnamed Ma identified, the man wore sneakers and body cigarettes, wallet stolen items were his home.

The face of police interrogation, the man said nothing. By criminal police technical room than to confirm that the man is against the public security organs have been treated 22 years Binzhou membership recidivism Wang. Faced with the evidence, Wang finally confessed his mouth fled to Tang street theft illegal facts. Wang said he had not seen from the three-year-old mother since his father died when he was fifteen or sixteen, after he has been living with his grandmother christian louboutin pumps. Since childhood lack of parental care, coupled with poor self-discipline, Wang began to petty theft, until she embarked on the path of crime. At present, Wang has been the police on suspicion of theft under criminal detention.

The Biggest Shopping Mall of Textile Shoes

Assigned to the enterprise for the encouragement, support the introduction of the Jinjiang city government incentives to enterprises settled up special award regulations, each company reward 20,000 yuan (RMB), the object of incentives include: individual businesses settled in the market household, individual-owned enterprises, individuals and corporate partnership restructuring of branches owned corporate enterprises accounting commerce; move into the market and go home business change commerce corporate enterprises, as well as newly registered commerce corporate enterprises red bottom shoes uk store. At the same time, this award is also for these policies have rewarded qualified enterprises, operating under the limit switch limit on one-time re-reward 30,000 yuan. And the other assigned to the enterprise where operating conditions allow the lower limit into the upper limit, it will receive 20,000 yuan reward.

Assigned to operate in order to stimulate the development of enterprises, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger on the market within the first year sales of over 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 200 million yuan, 500 million yuan and 10 billion, $ 2 billion large business corporation companies were given a one-time reward 20,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan christian louboutin black. In addition, the tax on the market within the limits of commercial enterprises, which, when sales reached more than 30 million increase over the previous year and more than 15%, when its annual sales of 1.5 ‰ of the reward, up to 500,000 single-family enterprise award yuan.

Warehousing and logistics support in terms of grants, the upper limit for commerce corporate enterprise market, renting a unified plan and set up storage facilities, lease area of ​​300 square meters, the monthly allowance 5 yuan per square meter, the upper limit of a single annual subsidy to companies 200,000 yuan. Meanwhile, Jinjiang International shoes spinning City Welcome encourage more modern logistics enterprises stationed shoes christian louboutin ankle boots spinning City Logistics Park, registered independent legal personality in Jinjiang, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing have a comprehensive assessment of 3A above, and stationed a full shoes spinning City in more than TPL, a one-time award of $ 100,000.

Shoes Textile City project is to support the development of e-commerce, electronic business platform construction and electricity supplier base, application service providers to carry out electricity for settled business enterprise, in addition to enjoying the policy Jinjiang electricity supplier outside the park, according to the introduction of the support award Reed policy, will grant. Specifically: settled shoes spinning City Goods Integrated exhibition hall more than 1 year, but settled shoes spinning City online platform and generates turnover of the enterprise christian louboutin boots, a one-time subsidy given to enterprises settled in 5000 yuan; shoes spinning City is an online platform for the introduction of every business settled and the annual turnover of the business platform for the first time more than 10 million yuan, giving enterprises the platform operator $ 20,000 grant, a total subsidy ceiling of 500 million.

The Problems of Shoes Online Sales

"Report" shows that in 2015 annual reports concerning complaints and information online shopping total 62,313, an increase of 100.34 percent over last year. Among them, 47,308 complaints, an increase of 120.44 percent over last year; Report 3483, an increase of 119.06 percent over last year; consulting 11522, an increase of 43.08% over last year.

From the nature of the consumer, the main problems are reflected in the quality, service, unfair competition (false propaganda, false free single activity), inappropriate slogan (not including the date of delivery as promised red bottom shoes sale uk), account funding issues.

And on March 8, Alibaba Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Group Jack Ma appeared internet governance section swearing, he categorically said at the scene, "Ali al counterfeiting for themselves, but also to the next generation, we do not want everyone forever living in a society regardless of true and false. "

Ma pointed out that Alibaba platform control unit is not "fake Ali team", but "fake national team." Alibaba to build a "China most thorough and most professional counterfeiting and intellectual property protection team" in the next three to five years, so fake completely lost living space, all ways that can be taken to combat fakes red bottom shoes uk outlet, protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, the fight against fakes can not hurt the innocent, must not appear "rather victimizes 1000, do not want to let go of a" play to the introduction of professionals professionalism, integrity and find out from among the thousands that are not honest people. Currently, Alibaba has more than 2,000 full-time employees responsible for anti-counterfeiting, and another 5,000 community volunteers to actively participate in anti-counterfeiting.

Data show that in April 2015 to September, Alibaba push to law enforcement gang selling fake clues 717 (excluding daily catechesis clues), eligible for law enforcement agencies around filing of 330, 279 cases were detected from red bottom shoes uk online. Meanwhile, Alibaba assist police broke counterfeiting, warehousing, selling more than 600 dens and arrested 715 suspects.

On the same day, Alibaba Group's online shopping platform upgrade Lynx re-sale protection, the introduction of "Fast Return" service. In the future, high-quality consumer for seven days no reason to return the application, you can enjoy the return application 0 second response, rookie pick back, refunds full link speed, one-stop return experience cheap red bottom shoes uk. From application to initiate a refund credited into account, the fastest only 2 hours. Alibaba Group's big data marketing platform Ali mother is released in 2015, Ali Mama accumulated blocked 46 million malicious extension, effectively purify the Internet marketing environment.

Sports Shoes Made by Under Armor

According to foreign media reports, Adidas sneakers last year demonstrated the concept of a 3D printing, but did not announce the specific time to market. Today, another sports brand Under Armour maker Adidas has in time before the official sale based 3D printing soles sports shoes. Although not a full 3D printing christian louboutin shoes uk online, but it is closest to the idea of the future of Adidas products. UA plans to print only 96 pairs of sports shoes in the series, it is expected to sell at $ 300.

UA Architechs midsole series is produced by 3D printing technology, the design company called "dynamic stability platform", i.e. by interleaving the lattice structure provides both the "energy return" full advantage of the foam cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, and also to raise the stability. UA is designed to provide a suitable cross-weight-training shoes products.

Since the first attempt to use 3D printing technology for the production christian louboutin shoes uk store, UA does not plan to launch large-scale quantities. UA Architechs will only provide 96 pairs, priced at $ 300.

Pan Shows His Basketball Skills

Tonight, the national icon Pan participate in the "lip sync Wars" program in the video site and Shenzhen Satellite TV broadcast platform, it is learned earlier in the program recording medium, it has been claimed Pan "Pan too," the 11-year fan of kissing , caused a sensation. In the week program, annual Pan not only imitate Divine Comedy "my skateboard shoes," but the past few handsome pressing the image, playing opera actress on the show christian louboutin uk store, stunning the audience.

It is understood that on tonight's "lip sync big battle" for the guests and Pan Jiro, the two compete for gold Yaopai Extreme, pull out all the stops. In "those years, we were chasing the trend" link, Pan Shuai Annual Divine Comedy is funny interpretation of "My skateboard shoes," accent expression is the audience praised christian louboutin shoes sale uk "There is no sense of violation and" it is the same group dressed weird kill Matt photo, filling freak style. In addition to lip sync battle, but Pan is playing basketball scene, captured the hearts of a fan.

In a third, "and who fight mad" Competition, the release of Pan big move transvestites opera actress to tilt the world, the "fireworks easy to cold" lip-singing performances, successfully turned artistes Pan can be described as startling beauty, do It was the quintessence of character. It is reported that outfit dress spend up to an hour, from hair, clothing, and then the overall makeup are all amazing. Pan graceful manners, but the site became a vivid beautiful ink christian louboutin shoes uk outlet, were the audience screaming fans shouted "It is so beautiful." And the program's host Li Chen, also the embodiment of the Peking Opera niche, with 14 years of good brother Pan staged a poignant love story in the program.

Shoes Signed by Kobe for 12 Years

Obviously, after many years, this pair of shoes would be very, very valuable, so Allen how to save this pair of shoes it? Recently in an interview, Allen said he has this double Bryant signature shoe of his mother by the exclusive collection.

"He (Bryant) is one of the greatest players in history, which is indisputable," Allen says. "For me, and I bit his 12 years, it is very difficult christian louboutin sale uk, but it is also due to my hard training, defensive end for my defensive skills and pride."

Next, Allen talked about their gift Bryant signature shoe, he said that Bryant's signature shoe has become his mother in the room of one of the most collectible souvenirs christian louboutin uk outlet.

"I gave the shoes my mother," Allen explained. "I gave my mother bought a new house, she has collected a lot in there with my growth-related souvenirs, so I put them (Bryant signature shoes) also placed there."

Bryant long career, how to guard Kobe Bryant will obviously become a problem every opponent Lakers to be considered, but also emerged during the so-called "Bryant Terminator" christian louboutin uk online, but the reality is very difficult to completely Kobe anti-lived. But Bryant's eyes, we now know, Allen is the greatest trouble to give him a defender, but this Allen, of course, would be a supreme praise.

Tony - Allen has played in the NBA for 12 years the ball, but he did not once played in an All-Star Game, his jumper has been criticized, but this does not prevent him from becoming cheap christian louboutin uk the best of the perimeter defenders First, this pair of Bryant's signature shoe, the defensive midfielder is bound to inspire and move on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Third Period of E-Commerce

Electricity supplier 3.0 refer to the past couple of years to grow up a number of "mobile + social" feature of the electricity supplier.

3.0 electricity supplier like buyers shop, gather each store brand is not the same, it may be more own tonality. The main services in the positioning of certain goods or tonal interested consumers, is more personalized recommendation and discovery in the maintenance of their customer base, in various ways. This personalized mobile provider, scene of positioning is similar.

Buyers shop model is small but beautiful, the size of the current market value in the order of one billion US dollars. For example mushroom Street, Little Red Book are now in the market value of this magnitude range (of course still growing into), the traditional line under the famous boutiques Saks Fifth Avenue is a $ 2.9 billion valuation was acquired.

Buyers shop can do ecological and see the merit Wish

From electricity supplier electricity suppliers 3.0 1.0 evolution to look at the size of the plate smaller, but CRE Capital Investment US mobile provider Wish there is a very good ways to overcome this limitation.

Wish the first to do product recommendation engine, it was derived from the cross-border electricity supplier business model. Wish currently has tens of millions of subscribers christian louboutin wedding shoes, primarily serving low-income groups in the United States and other overseas countries, a large number of sellers on the platform end sellers from around the world.

Just mentioned, the electricity supplier 3.0 times mobile social electricity providers often as buyers shop as "small and beautiful", but after Wish developed to a certain volume, by product matrix approach to such a diversified range of users greatly improve their worth.

For example, Wish 3C category for users interested in doing a second App, called Geek. And later it introduced a App is called Mama, apparently for maternal and child category. Wish through the front diversified product matrix approach to meet the needs of different groups in vertical movement, while the rear end is opened in the commodity of a global supply chain.

Wish hope to achieve with this approach ecosystem-level things, that the electricity supplier electricity suppliers to achieve 3.0 times 1.0 scale. The current market value is already beautiful Wish said many times mushroom Street, the future certainly can reach tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars level.

Wish founder Danny said his rival Wal-Mart christian louboutin wedges, Wal-Mart is now the year GMV probably more than 4000 billion dollars. In contrast, Wish there is a very large room for growth.

From the changes brought about by the mobile provider and value, it can also be meticulous division, and on the need for non-just just need category, mobile providers are core to achieve different tasks. For non just need category, the main requirement is to create new, and try to be able to improve margins platforms; for just need category, the thing to do is to increase consumer contacts actually increased contact contact consumer goods .

New Experience of Father and Son's Game

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, and "Where is the father," and similar topics hit paternity columns rise early maternal parent-child activities gradually become a new entry point for the field of early childhood education, more and more widely into the public view.

The author of the existing parent-child activities class market research mobile Internet platform, will be summarized into two categories, namely, information providers and product suppliers. Information providers mainly to consumer information and parent-child activities related to aggregates christian louboutin sandals, mobile Internet terminal platform unified released. These include information such as playground clinics attractions tickets, event information as well as maternal and child products promotional information. Product suppliers, including maternal and child class integrated product, and sales of specific products, such as baby products, picture books, children's tourism products.

"Zebra come" is different from the above platform, focusing on the "parent-child activities" as the core product, designed by a professional team as early as preschool customize very interesting and professional education goals parent-child activities, and through the implementation of standards system christian louboutin slingbacks, the parent-child activities to do in order to truly entertaining, the full realization of the "purpose of entertainment, there are feelings of experience have created learning" effect.

"Zebra is coming" parent-child activities platform vision is to improve the quality of Chinese infants accompany family child, so parents and children together in the family happy christian louboutin sneakers and healthy growth of the child's growth by promoting the growth of their parents, but also to the entire family to grow and harvest happiness.

Quality Decides All Things

"Poetry Tang Yi's mission is to make quality everywhere, that we do not only soap, skin care products do, we are not in the sellers, we have to do is to guide people's consumption concept, so that we focus on products quality, and quality of life, the true intentions now fewer and fewer people to do the product christian louboutin mary jane pumps, we are letting Yi Tang poetry has been focused on the product quality, so we can get so many user stickiness, but also to the such a short period of time to achieve results now, derivative channels, electronic business platform, from the media, as long as attention and let more people understand Yi Tang poetry we are trying to, so that we can touch the quality of life. " Ping said its founder the world.

Derivative channel electricity supplier system, from media platforms in the brand new favorite Yi Tang poetry, from the preparatory year 2014, to March 17, 2015 formally launched just over a year's time, Yi Tang poetry gained the all kinds of awards, to become a model of mobile Internet era of branding, Yi Tang poetry now have a lot of focus on quality of life viscous fan, but its founder and the world level no hurry to consumer brands and their own christian louboutin peep toe pumps, but has always been in artisan spirit, focus on product quality and effectiveness, he said, "even the best business model can not hide the quality level of the product, only the product quality Yi Tang poems do consumers expect, we can ensure that the use everyone Yi Tang poetry are able to follow the long-term. "

And other skin care products different is that now Yi Tang poetry only natural handmade soap, its founder, talked about men and women have to do is wash your face every day in people's lives is a very important part of the wash when washing also be able to easily distinguish the sense of good and bad christian louboutin pumps, so Yi Tang poetry expect from the most basic level, people feel natural and quality, while also recalling Tang poetry in the next three years to launch a full line of skin care products such as cosmetics, solve all the people's demand for high quality natural skin care products.

Reporters observed more and more active now soap market, many skin care brands have also begun to develop soap products, as soap ingredients are sugar and vegetable oil christian louboutin rolando pumps, but also the effectiveness of adding some essential oils and other substances, the use of facial cleanser and better than other personal care products is much better, so the soap market is further expanding.

Tuniu Cooperates with International Tourism Bureau

According to the National Tourism Bureau statistics, in 2015 the number of Chinese citizens travel abroad at 1.2 million passengers, tourism spending reached $ 104.5 billion, contribution to the global tourism revenue more than 13% annually, China has become the world's indispensable source markets. With the world tourism exchanges between China's increasingly close, how to provide better travel experience for Chinese tourists christian louboutin black, how to promote the exchange became the focus of national tourism resources. During the 2016 ITB Berlin, the way cattle joint Berlin Tourism Board (VisitBerlin) together to create the 2016 "China Night" theme, inviting national tourism bureau, suppliers, experts and representatives of international exchange to discuss tourism cooperation.

Berlin Tourism Board CEO Burkhard Kieker said that they chose the way cattle in many tourism enterprises in China to become "China Night" co-sponsor of the sole, is the value of its dominant position in China's online leisure travel market. Especially in the outbound market, annually to the popular christian louboutin ankle boots tourist destination of global transport a large number of tourists. Berlin Tourist Office has maintained close cooperation with the way cattle relations and hopes to promote the tourism resources in Germany by way cattle this platform to attract more Chinese tourists to go traveling.

"China Night" opening speech, the way cattle president Yan Haifeng said, "very pleased with the exchange in such event ITB Berlin with you. As China's leading online leisure travel companies, the way cattle since 2006 inception, focused on to provide users with more and better online leisure travel products and services, we have been to 'make travel easier "for enterprise mission to' tourist entrance, world-class companies' corporate vision christian louboutin boots. we hope that through our efforts to promote Chinese tourism contribute to the development of industry, so that more Chinese tourists have the opportunity to go abroad to see the world! "

In addition, also introduced the guests to live the way cattle in regional development, strategic distribution supply chain finance, and other aspects of an open platform. By 2015, the way cattle over 11,000 partner suppliers, which has one hundred million suppliers 11. 2015 Tuniu accelerate the development of proprietary products to enhance the proportion of direct mining, for users to create more rich, personalized tourism products; in January 2016, announced the introduction of an open platform Tuniu investment policy on flights, hotels, theme tours three business with partners sharing the way cattle traffic and product integration advantages, focusing on creating '+ X' travel ecosystem. We hope that christian louboutin flats through partnerships with quality suppliers, have more global quality tourism resources, to provide users with better service destination. "We hope that by participating in the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, with more partners to cooperate together to create a more brilliant future."

Book the Plane Tickets

Guo Xuzhou as a "worker", in order to take his wife, children to travel abroad, specifically requested a leave, intends in March 7 to March 16 to Australia to play for 10 days. He advanced to October 2015 in "where the network" ordered last March 7 at 5:00 pm Singapore Scoot Flight Singapore fly Sydney transit red bottom shoes uk online. When the family arrived at 7 pm around 2:50 Nanjing airport, the accident happened. Staff Unit counter after the inquiry told Guo, their flight is not March 7, March 6th.

Guo immediately called to go where the network, the site staff said he and Singapore Scoot please contact. "I go where the network ticket information search, where the money to pay for the network, where the network to send me a confirmation message, you can now let me go to the airline?" I was on fire, insisted to the site statement. Several rounds of negotiations, Mr. Guo Lukoujichang sit near 19:00, finally come where the network findings cheap red bottom shoes uk: Scoot in November 2015 had sent him e-mail notification in English flight changes. "Later I find the mailbox, and not this message. And I go where the network to buy tickets, fill in the phone, why the site does not notice me?"

Guo told reporters, where the network solution is given: Contact Scoot application locking Ticket vouchers can be used within six months. Guo told reporters, in order to travel abroad, before and after the transportation, hotel reservations are in order, but because the ticket was laughed out of the problem red bottom shoes uk store, in addition to scheduled flights was 7,000 yuan failed to be implemented, in addition to unsubscribe hotel in vain to pay 4000 yuan total losses of up to 10,000 yuan. "I can not accept this solution."

Why UnionPay Cannot be Taken As Bank?

When the president of China UnionPay Wen said in early 2015 towards internal speech "if the mountain is not coming to us, we went to the mountain." After we see is China UnionPay "roll up their sleeves", first pay to promote flash, followed by the introduction of paid cloud lightning cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, turn the end of the long-awaited Apple Pay football into the bag. After taking over when the text towards China UnionPay, China UnionPay to open attitude is very clear, this attitude emerged in 2015 Chronology strong determination to compete for the market.

Last year's "decision" As soon as he announced, we have seen all kinds of interpretation from the media followed out, which part of the analysis, although superficial, but fairly rationally analyzed, but there are some media interpretation is quite outrageous , if it is from the liquidation of strengthening domestic forwarding market competition point of view to write, how many still dip side, most of the comments are purely scandalous: Some scholars have suggested switching mechanism open clearing threshold is too high, hindering determined to join third party payment companies to participate; some media were also raised by the so-called Beijing municipal Government and the Shenzhen municipal Government and relevant departments of the central bank co-led the establishment of "Southern Union", "Northern Alliance", which come up with the "Civil war" ; even the agricultural letter silver, silver letter to the city to be developed into a "card organization."

These loud voices, confused and transfer payment agencies clearing agency awareness and understanding, that a cat will become large enough to support the "tiger", but the cat is a cat christian louboutin shoes uk store, never become a tiger.

There is the introduction of media interpretation of "big firms want to build a card organization", in the interview, also a reporter asked the matter, is the author of this negative attitude, but the interviewer mentioned this is an imitation of American Express mode.

I told that if mention American Express mode, it should be careful to understand the background pattern formed by American Express, a bank can not simply that the school will be able to set up American Express "card organization", it was also mentioned initially Visa and MasterCard are established by the bank red bottom shoes sale uk, the bank can be used as a reason for the establishment of today's card organization. As everyone knows, these references have neglected this important concept of "Time."

First, American Express mode is not deliberately formed by its special historical background and business background of the decision. In 1958 American Express card, credit cards available from Grand to eight years, the US credit card market is in its infancy, not many patterns forming, and later to the formation of the leading card organizations "quartet model" has not yet appeared, has entered the market, issuers are using a "tripartite model", even to the Visa, MasterCard long after the appearance, the tripartite models are occupy the dominant position of credit cards.

Despite after Visa, MasterCard are beginning to turn the Quartet mode, American Express still continue to uphold the tripartite mode until the 1990s, gradually opening up began in cooperation with the bank while maintaining the original model involved four modes. American Express costs spent decades and countless open up the market to create today's situation, this situation was not designed in advance, but in the development of the market constantly adjust formed.

American Express and Discover Card mode is similar to the United States, although there is a place in the credit card market, but also difficult to enlarge the scale. In today's credit card market is already mature red bottom shoes uk outlet, if you also want to try American Express mode, it can be said to have been almost impossible.

Second, although Visa, MasterCard evolved are led by banks, Visa dominated founded by Bank of America, MasterCard former Illinois five banks established in 1964 Midwestern bank card association formed after the merger and reorganization. But in terms of a single large US bank, or from MasterCard early Dhaka several banks jointly, ultimately choosing the "joint and open."

This issue Visa's first CEO Dee Hock's book has a wonderful description, he persuaded as a founding institution Bank of America Visa relinquish control over such a new organization that fragments very exciting for Visa to lay the open basis. He said:

Based on management control will inevitably lead to the failure of the new organization - all of the principles because it is out of our carefully research contradicts these principles we believe in. If you discard these principles, the new organization will be no life, no soul. Truly honest person will not be subject to control under the conditions of this work, architecture authorized cooperation will not be forced to conduct various authorized banks will never share ownership transfer to the only organization controlled by a bank.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are You Talking About Electronic Suppliers Online?

"The first year to achieve 10 million turnover, we were very satisfied, but also tasted the sweetness of the electricity supplier." Jingjiang Wang Xia village street nectar told reporters that he started from 2012 in online sales children's clothing, a first year of "harvest", also saw online sales momentum. With the help of Xiaoshan Jingjiang electricity supplier Derivative Association branch under Wang Xia and her husband expanded the size of the shop, purchase channels from relying on others to set up their own clothing processing base, and registered his own company and brand, target market clearer. Last year christian louboutin slingbacks, net sales more than 600 million children, "women have to thank the electricity supplier micro Association built a good platform for us." Xia says

In Jingjiang, female Xia electricity supplier can be a lot like this. Beginning in 2010, Jingjiang electricity supplier on women exposed edge, two years later, the electricity supplier for Women mushroomed rise. 2014, Street achieved a total sales of 54.66 million yuan electricity supplier online, while women sell electricity value accounted for 60%, becoming the main force, last year's "two-eleven", Jingjiang street woman electricity supplier performance reached 39 million yuan, annual results reached 80 million yuan.

Female self zone established electricity supplier derivative Association, Jingjiang Street branch became the vanguard of how to make this "Detachment of Women" to play a greater advantage, it is placed in front of female district electricity supplier Derivative Association Jingjiang street club the most important issue. Branch Jingjiang use unique advantages airport, express and logistics facilities, the rise of power Jingjiang electricity supplier industry. According to statistics, the entire street in the electricity supplier companies and 48 individuals, mainly engaged in apparel, agricultural products and so on christian louboutin sneakers. Recently, the club also held female Jingjiang electricity supplier derivative symposium, "events like this we will always be held in order to allow electricity providers derivative women closely follow the situation, grasp more industry trends." Staff attending to the female side of the electricity business Derivative distribute information, while talking with reporters activities mind. Since the club was established, positive synergies guiding role in helping in the street electricity supplier enterprises and banks docking for Fraternity members seek to increase the loan amount, interest rates and other aspects of supporting policies to address the financial problems of the electricity business entrepreneurs. Union Street is also active with the relevant departments to discuss coordinated package courier companies charge for services within the street electricity supplier business, and strive to reduce logistics costs christian louboutin wedding shoes in the street electricity supplier companies. This year, women Jingjiang street electricity supplier performance for more than one hundred million yuan.

"As a street Women's Federation, women actively electricity supplier to provide the Express Logistics, microfinance, training services convenient. Next, we will open two bases, one is female incubator electricity supplier, electricity supplier a female activity base for women Jingjiang electricity supplier grow provide a better platform. "Jingjiang street women's Federation President Jin Liping says.

Jingjiang Branch is a microcosm of our region's electric business woman derivative Meeting. Since April last year, the District Women's Federation to start electricity supplier business "Iraq + E" support program, to support women in the field of electronic business successful career; then, the electricity supplier and the establishment of women derivative fraternities, help female entrepreneurs setting up electricity supplier derivative Taiwan, sing play, the introduction of Xiaoshan District Women's entrepreneurial achievements cum e-commerce experience area, there are more than 50 merchants settled; build "the most beautiful woman christian louboutin wedges - my platform I call the shots," Xiaoshan female electricity supplier (derivative) exhibition platform, attracted thousands of female micro electricity suppliers to participate, at the same time, through various seminars and exchanges, training activities in our region active female electric provider derivative market.

Analysis on New Fresh Products

In recent years, the overall economic slowdown and the impact of e-commerce, retail industry as a whole into a weakness. Language traditional retail Yonghui Supermarket equally inevitable, last year suffered a deceleration of profit slowdown pressures. According to its published results of Letters, last year Yonghui Supermarket revenues 42.145 billion yuan, an increase of 14.7%, net profit of 6.1 billion yuan, down 28.9%.

Yonghui supermarket began to try to innovation and transformation, which jointly develop fresh Jingdong home business concern. This is two years, fresh electricity providers electricity supplier christian louboutin peep toe pumps has been hailed as the last piece of blue ocean areas, the development of very hot, stepped into the era of warlords melee, Yonghui Supermarket and Jingdong together just a major electricity providers and Internet this giant wants a slice of the blue ocean.

Fresh domestic electronic business platform mainly four types of operating modes, namely an integrated platform for electronic business model, vertical electronic business platform model, the logistics enterprise platform model, the traditional retail platform mode. Integrated electronic business platform model represents a Lynx, Jingdong, etc., to provide a platform to oversee, with traffic advantage.

Vertical business platform model is self-management, distribution, focusing on fresh products. Logistics enterprise platform model is the development and distribution of fresh products the cold chain christian louboutin pumps, cold chain logistics system has the advantage, on behalf of the preferred platform for the SF. Traditional retail platform model is relying on stores advantage, with online channels, such as Wal-Mart.

Despite the fresh development of electronic business prospects, but most platforms are at a loss, profit problem is a common problem faced by fresh electricity supplier. At the same time, the operator orders widespread enough, too costly, difficult issues such as cold chain distribution, the future is still a long way to go.

And fresh market increasingly competitive electricity supplier, electricity supplier platform strength as giants will look for opportunities in market segments, which means that the field of fresh products segment commercial enterprises will increase significantly, such as focusing on fruits, vegetables, seafood and other electronic business christian louboutin rolando pumps platform segment will continue to increase, while covering the crowd will be more refined.

Fresh future electricity supplier, and perhaps small but beautiful platform to attract more users, more likely to become the final winner. Because of the small platform to focus more on the supply side, middle end christian louboutin sandals, the demand side of the balance, and to the continuous improvement of the quality of the ingredients, eco-efficiency, and gradually expand the entire system.

New Style Supermarket of Agricultural Products

This year, Tianlin County conscientiously implement the "Internet +" Action Plan of the State Council, based on the characteristics and advantages of the industry, the steady growth of e-commerce as an important starting point and adjust the structure to promote industrial restructuring, corporate success and reign (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. cooperation, started electricity supplier industrial park construction, and retail business through interactive, complementary online and offline christian louboutin ankle boots, to create Tianlin new "agricultural supermarket", led the county and the surrounding areas to accelerate economic and social development.

By 2016, the park plans to guide and support the more than 50 local companies or cooperatives Tian Lin electronic business platform stationed in the country more than 100 county hall on display experience for the realization of the 2016 trading platform 200 million yuan, 10 million yuan and tax revenue target efforts. In addition, the industrial park also plans to set up "prices reign agriculture Chong Business School", "cross-strait youth entrepreneurship incubator", "first secretary precise christian louboutin boots Poverty electricity supplier training" and other electricity providers training courses to "theory + practical operation" for the training direction, offering 10 each period.

At present, the industrial park has park opened December 10, 2015, currently has six companies stationed in the industrial park. The park plans to build a 3,000 square meters more than "a reign of Tianlin County Enterprise christian louboutin flats e electricity supplier special experience center", 1-3 "stand Tongbao · County (industry) boutique museum", through a special integrated electricity supplier county e under Park museum and boutique line display, tasting and facilitate the exchange of online and offline bulk and wholesale trade is completed, the same time with prices reign online platform advantages, the passenger flow again from the line lead-in wire form online and offline mutual diversion closed loop to help create 3-5 Tianlin famous brands and leading enterprises, the introduction of deep processing enterprises depth cooperation and technology, product quality christian louboutin mary jane pumps, a source control, agricultural culture, ethnic customs and characteristics and other refined package and go after the upgrade near supermarket.

Supply More Policy Resources for Rural Areas

Select the hosts live in Zuoquan will promote, because the county is targeting three major breakthroughs, localization strategy: relying on local commercial enterprises - Tian Bao agriculture, the first "food barter" cognitive breakthrough of market players to realize manor electricity supplier combine the two carriers; breakthrough electricity supplier application range, flexible use of "Internet +" thinking, provide policy advice to support and benefit agriculture red bottom shoes uk online, poverty relief in a timely manner to achieve, fine; breakthrough development of electronic business environment, improve the logistics system, enhance distribution capabilities, set up to guide the development of the electricity supplier financing.

Address four problems and achieve standardization Advancement: complete action plans to address the top-level design; construction and operation center, operation system to solve problems, to build "1 + 1 + 10 + N" e-commerce service system and the "farmers + Shop" " farmers + agricultural enterprises + shop "net sales of agricultural systems; business park was established to address the problem of business incubators, to create e-commerce business park Zuoquan achieve policy resources cheap red bottom shoes uk and market resources, administrative capabilities and market organic integration capabilities; and build a strong foundation for development, to solve market access problems, the government started doing core projects, mobilize community participation, and promote personnel training and other infrastructure work to promote market expansion.

By 2020, the province has 30 foster typical leading role of rural e-commerce demonstration counties, and gradually built a unified, open, competitive and orderly, law-abiding integrity, improve the network, fast delivery concerns of rural e-commerce market system, the basic realization of courier services " township and outlets, village courier. " And strive to the province's rural e-commerce transactions with an average annual growth rate of 40%, with average annual growth of online sales of red bottom shoes uk store agricultural products by more than 30%.

July 2015, the province Qingxu County, Jingle, Xingxian, Zuoquan, Wuxiang County Lingchuan County, Houma, Yuanqu County 8 counties (cities) was identified as the national e-commerce into the countryside demonstration counties. Up to now, eight demonstration counties have been completed nine county-level operating service centers, eight county-level logistics and warehousing centers, 486 service stations, 113 batches of training, training of personnel total of 2.5 million people. Rural net sales 128.72 million yuan, 34.78 million yuan of agricultural products sales network, sales of 72.79 million yuan of industrial networks, rural tourism service network sales christian louboutin black 4.8 million yuan, the number of new outlets to 2077, the number of Internet users in the development of 17.45 million, improve employment 4065 people, including rural youth, college students, migrant workers 3584 people, 21 people with disabilities, women left behind 300, 130 poor people.

New Design Styles in Spring 2016

From the 2016 spring and summer show floor can also see this trend, Kendall first go Elie Saab's show also remember it for a fairy skirt is really fatigued ah, compared fairy I love this style, little black dress with lace print jacket, is not compared to a net color broth widowed water worth seeing justice. Korean designer Won Ji Yeun creation of personal brand R.Shemiste always take the simple route and neat, his family were handsome leather coat and blown up, this season has a floral embroidered jacket.

German designer Philipp Plein founded in Switzerland personal brand of the same name, this year's early autumn series is also heavily used in large printing element, the body may be overwhelmed printing christian louboutin sneakers, but printing jacket worn alone or very handsome. Stella McCartney's spring vacation series also appeared simple and elegant printing money to fight this dark blue sleeve jacket with few little flowers is really a village to the outskirts of Ta Chun feeling.

Not only is the bomber jacket, Common cotton jacket is the same reason, especially non-black does not love even to refer to the next. Take the high-necked wool meaning christian louboutin wedding shoes has to beat, and then ride in a black jacket on too rigid, and two single-product has little gloss, and replaced with black and red jacket printing would not be clouded up.

Such a pattern is not so fierce tiger feeling christian louboutin wedges, but very cute, because the color combination of high saturation and make the whole look camouflage splicing elements have become diverse, and use some vibrant color contrast accessories, definitely more than the whole wearing flowers compelling elements of higher degree, and less likely to fall into the stereotypes, wild leopard pattern may also consider Oh.

More Business Talents Choose Economical Cities

In recent years, the Internet has become two of the country's financial concerns, and for three consecutive years was included in the government work report. This year, Li Keqiang said the Prime Minister stressed once again in the government work report, to regulate the development of Internet banking, finance and Pratt & Whitney to develop green finance, represents part of the focus in 2016 remains to prevent a variety of financial risks. And since there are more than 1300 P2P problems after last year, gold mutual security issues has indeed become regulatory, industry, and other multi-user first concern.

Industry experts have pointed out, the biggest cost is not a gold cross platform operating costs, customer costs are not eligible for, but not the cost of regulation on investment christian louboutin pumps, but as a platform for their own credit costs, which is often said that the trust platform. Confidence stems above all from the safety of the platform, once the lack of security, the platform has become a river without water, anyway remedial help.

Truth is not complicated. This newborn product for Internet banking, security is the primary factor that users consider investment behavior, followed gains.

So, what is the most secure Internet banking platform? The current status of the industry is still in the exploration development, this problem no one could clear response. However, from another perspective, when the Internet and the integration of a relationship bank, at least on security issues is unquestionable. People's Bank has said that former deputy governor Li Dongrong, the financial future of the Internet is the Internet bank.

Internet banking both involve "mutual gold", but also different from the market shallow Solutions "golden cross." Accurately speaking, Internet banking refers to the use of modern digital communications, the Internet, mobile communications and physical networking technology, cloud computing, big data and other ways to provide customers with online deposits, loans, payment, settlement, exchange transfer, account management, investment a full range of banking and other seamless, fast, safe and efficient use of Internet financial services organizations.

Popular, is to traditional bank moved to the Internet christian louboutin rolando pumps, use of the Internet platform technology to provide users with more convenient banking services, this process is not electronic financial services in the traditional sense, but rather try to break the existing qualitative thinking, on the Internet provision of financial services. Strictly speaking, the current domestic real Internet bank only banks and public network operators micro banks. And this time, all the bank first opened and the micro-micro-public bank APP as a carrier, launched a financial services and the Internet began to expand market influence.

As mentioned earlier, another feature of the Internet bank is "the Internet." Tencent as the Bank co-sponsored the establishment of micro-banks and the public Internet has a unique natural genes, the wind continuing financial control of Internet innovation.

By sharing Tencent large data, Internet technology, capital and other resources, all banks can effectively control the micro-information, which greatly improve the safety of anti-attack capabilities of the platform, maximize the protection of user security funds, to minimize the risk of disclosure of user information christian louboutin sandals. Therefore, the bank was able to get all the micro capital market acceptance, because to a large extent in its Internet banking has financial risk control capability and technology integration capabilities, which is all the micro-finance bank in the unique advantages of the Internet lies.

Of course, in the "user-centric" era of the Internet +, any platform or mechanism in order to survive in the fierce competition, the final user also be recognized. It is absolutely safe on the fly, micro banks get the full trust of all users, plus all bank micro APP continue to provide high-quality multi-category of financial products, withdrawal flexible, to give users a good income, micro-public banks get the full trust of users want to buy micro niche financial products to be "early pose", the hot, is evident.

Overall, the rise of a new gold mutual trade opportunities christian louboutin slingbacks, the platform in the fierce competition in the market, you must first survive, after development; and investment in terms of users, security must be the first, after earnings. Either way, all will be safe is a basic rule.

Creat More Chances for Rural Areas

March 8 electricity "Thirteen Five" period, China's rural poverty completion of a comprehensive well-off society "stumbling block", turning around poor, poverty being the "two sessions" on behalf of the members attention. Second session of the National People's Congress, chairman Gao Dekang Bosideng Group believes that a wide range of large rural poverty reduction, the key is precision, delegate to fish than giving the fishing, to change "is helping to give money were" the traditional concept, study effective means of poverty alleviation. It can make use of the Internet economy in poor areas of rural development thinking electricity supplier, so that "Internet +" has become an important rural poverty precise force point.

Gao Dekang representative said, in fact, many poor areas of natural resources are abundant, but the product to get out, and go back to talent, a great pity. Now Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other third-party electronic business platform have the layout of the rural market, "Internet + non-rural" has become economically backward regions corner overtaking opportunity. "Poverty can make use of the region 'Internet +' in the east christian louboutin boots, according to local conditions to integrate the use of local resources, the resource advantages into industrial advantage, in place to guide the development of the poor electricity supplier, ecological agriculture, tourism and other new formats and push the masses at home entrepreneurship, local employment , to achieve poverty alleviation. "

Last October, the State Council issued "guidance on the promotion of e-commerce to accelerate rural development," clearly the key tasks of rural e-commerce development and policy initiatives, but the current broadband, payment, logistics, and human resources development in rural areas is still electricity supplier the main challenge. Gao Dekang representative suggested that the government level to do your homework top-level design and development of mechanisms to guide the thinking and the development of the Internet industries with local advantages, promote the local electricity supplier electricity suppliers and third-party platforms, and strengthening the brand building of agricultural products, the implementation of "One Village One Product" "one town one production" program, to promote the development of industrial clustering. At the same time, providing efficient public services christian louboutin flats in the electricity business enterprises registered, improve the training system, personnel and other aspects of employment security.

Such as Jiangsu County, known as "Chinese fruit ', is famous township specialty vegetables. As a first Ali Baba "Thousands of Villages and county" pilot project 2.0 County, Jiangsu Province, the County sales of agricultural products as the main content of the rural e-commerce as a strategic emerging industries to build, to create value through the "investment in infrastructure, eco-activated, innovative services, "four strategic layout, to attract talented people return to rural entrepreneurship. Promote the construction of a large electricity providers Logistics Park River Group and Taobao village formed a cluster of rural electricity provider, led the local produce online sales. Farmers will be able to stay at home Fuji apple christian louboutin mary jane pumps, burdock, yam, asparagus and other characteristics of the country to sell fruits and vegetables. By 2015, the county agricultural online sales of 3.8 billion, driven 2 million jobs in the layout of modern agriculture, poverty driven development to achieve better results.

"Most of the rural poor do not have the knowledge and technology, the development of the concept behind, will not do business, not to mention the brand image. + Precise implementation of Internet poverty, first to promote the concept of innovation, broaden horizons of development, so that the villagers connected with the world. "Gao Dekang said that in the process of development of rural electricity supplier, to promote broadband village, 4G mobile internet coverage, improve the rural infrastructure, electricity supplier. To be based on the local foster youth entrepreneurship Student Village and returnees, the introduction of e-commerce leader, led the majority of the villagers, "net", shop, poverty alleviation, "company + farmers" "cooperative + farmer", "agricultural industrial park + farmers" other models leading local brand, and promote the development christian louboutin peep toe pumps and expansion of the electricity supplier. To encourage and guide the national agricultural leading backbone enterprises stationed origin, support the development of leading enterprises and farmers cooperative demonstration club, to build a modern agricultural industrial park, to achieve "enterprise + base + farmers + electricity supplier" common development.

Price War of Cross-border Online Commerce

Adjust the standard tax reform is the most talked about content. Under the current standard, cross-border retail electricity supplier in accordance with import "Parcel tax" levied, that most of the goods only pay 10% tax, and a tax of 50 yuan, but also enjoy tax-free. But after April 8, consumers are likely to will no longer enjoy tax exemption, and the need to pay 70% value-added tax and consumption tax. While the new tax standard still imports more traditional trade patterns there is a certain margin of preference, but the prices of most imported goods across borders or will usher in a more significant rise.

Sales heat up milk, diapers and other maternal and import of food commodities, for example, due to the lower average unit price of such goods, which is currently most of the goods do not need to bear the taxes in the purchase process. And under the new tax standard, such goods need to pay the equivalent of about 12% in commodity prices taxes. Specifically, most cross-border imports of Japanese Kao diapers priced at between 100-120 yuan cheap red bottom shoes uk, tax reform will go up to at least between 112 yuan to 145 yuan. While the low unit price of imported cosmetics, daily necessities and luxury light clothing and other goods will also assume higher taxes, the highest proportion is likely to go up more than 38%.

The industry believes that narrowing the cross-border electricity supplier and the tax difference between the traditional trade, reduce the "unfair" tax difference caused by the status quo, is that the overall tone of reform. Cross-border prices of imported goods basically a foregone conclusion, the difference between cross-border electricity providers rely tax profit model will suffer a more serious impact. While "cheap" has become one user for cross-border electricity supplier of the most important demands, in other words, the user price sensitivity is high. How to continue to maintain relative to traditional channels and competitors price advantage in the tax reform, a more comprehensive test of the strength of the platform red bottom shoes uk store. The already very brutal cross-border electricity supplier price war has become more bloody, the presence of short plate on funding resources, the conversion rate will be faster corporate demise.

Since the beginning of 2015, from the "diaper wars" to "6.18" and the "double 11", "Black Friday", "double 12", continue to initiate cross-border electricity supplier vast scale price war, especially Ali, Jingdong, NetEase and other more resources and scale advantages of the platform tried to promote cross-border electricity supplier business, cross-border electricity provider market competition more sinister. More and more companies are forced to cross-border electricity supplier involved in the "price war meat grinder," the extent of the casualties of the most serious small platform, Netease test Lahaina available in 2015 to launch a month to two large-scale promotion frequency, it is referred to as cross-border electricity supplier industry "price butcher."

According to Commerce Department data, mid-2015, engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business enterprises more than 200,000. And to the beginning of 2016, the industry reports have noted christian louboutin black that this number has been reduced to less than ten thousand. NetEase said, "NetEase has more than 23 billion yuan in cash reserves, able to test Lahaina Netease purchase of ammunition in the ongoing large-scale price war."

April 8 is expected to implement the tax reform program, not only in the level of taxation to make new provisions to enhance the cross-border barriers to entry of imported goods, the industry is more concerned about the topic. According to multi-party verification of information, "positive list" will replace the "negative list" became the basis christian louboutin ankle boots for foreign goods into the Chinese market through cross-border electricity supplier. Currently, the "positive list" of specific content Write obtain disclosure, but the basic principle is not involved in daily consumer goods import license, while card-related part of consumers to buy big demand necessities may also have included "positive list. "

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Find More Cross-border Electricity Suppliers

Bonded goods set for trying to use patterns of cross-border electricity supplier, it is extremely important to support the Free Trade Zone, the bonded area currently has several core players, such as international and Netease Lynx Koala Hangzhou Free Trade Zone, the bonded area of ​​Zhengzhou, the United States together superior products, honey bud Ningbo Free Trade Zone. And last year, honey bud is a strategic investment in Chongqing West Wing comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

For cross-border electricity supplier, the Free Trade Zone in the end what means? Currently in the country's Free Trade Zone model for cross-border electricity supplier What are the implications christian louboutin peep toe pumps? Artesyn Technologies visited a number of cross-border electricity supplier and Hangzhou, Chongqing Free Trade Zone, the bonded area of ​​domestic model interpretation.

Among the first comprehensive Free Trade Zone from the "reform and opening up experimental field" in Shenzhen. December 1987 the Shenzhen Municipal Government to establish in the vicinity of Sha Tau Kok, Sha Tau Kok in Shenzhen City Industrial Park, Bonded, in February 1990 founded the Shenzhen Futian bonded industrial zone.

The Free Trade Zone in the strict sense refers to the national territory, a special enclosed area outside the customs territory of the country, the region Shipping tariffs, foreign persons christian louboutin pumps, goods in and out freely.

June 1990, the State Council approved the establishment of new China's first Free Trade Zone - Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. March 10, 1992, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone by the Customs Department and the inspection team composed of Shanghai customs inspection, officially opened.
With economic development, China has built Shanghai Waigaoqiao, Tianjin Port, Shenzhen Futian, Sha Tau Kok and Yantian Port, Dalian, Guangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Haikou, Xiamen Xiangyu, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shantou, Zhuhai and other 15 a Free Trade Zone, the General Administration of Customs administrations.

Foreign can obtain general taxpayer rights in the bonded area, you can exercise the functions: with RMB account, you can open a VAT invoice, in fact, already have the right to engage christian louboutin rolando pumps in purely domestic trading activities. Domestic trade companies have foreign currency cash account in the bonded area, you can engage in trading activities in foreign currency settlement goods.

Bonded Exhibition: Chinese goods shipped from abroad can be carried out within the bonded merchandise display, you can set up the appropriate exhibition venues, install simulations using a variety of international products. This means looking at the relevant time reduction, on the other hand to simplify customs clearance of products exhibition.

Imported equipment processing trade enterprises in the bonded area of ​​use not subject to tax, not content restrictions and limitations of the total project investment, without the implementation of bank deposit account christian louboutin sandals, foreign exchange verification system is not conducive to export processing enterprises to carry out the work.

Make Promotions on VR

As a synonym for virtual reality, VR (Virtual Reality) technology can be described as the rapid development in recent years. In the United States, held in Las Vegas CES 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, VR products accounted for half of the foot can be seen in this new field has started to become a major focus of giant snooping christian louboutin ankle boots So, in the end is the tip of the iceberg or a trend? In yet fully popular today, the VR input is not a rainy day?

While we always said VR, but in the end what is VR? Baidu Encyclopedia explanation given is: VR technology is the utilization of computer graphics systems and a variety of reality, and control interface device on a computer-generated, three-dimensional interactive environment delivers immersive sensory technology. Interactive and immersive become key words, and VR is the use of special technology to the user to simulate a three-dimensional virtual world via computer christian louboutin boots, when the user sink where he is without hesitation that the virtual reality in such a world, the then such VR experiences called Perfect.

I remember two years ago, that is, July 30, 2014, hundreds of Baidu, the second part of The Big Talk activities, Stanford University, Stanford, founder of interactive virtual labs, virtual reality US government policy advisers and Facebook CEO Jeremy introduced at the scene of virtual reality principle and its application in psychology christian louboutin flats, education, entertainment, etc., combined with field test virtual reality magic. Was really somatosensory and VR the shock effect so far have been fresh.

At the same time, although VR technology is not universal, it is still in the development stage. But global technology companies have already begun to plan ahead, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC and other manufacturers have begun to get involved in virtual reality VR technology. Because of these giants involved in, VR is also more and more areas of industry observer noted that while these observers almost think very broad development prospects VR spontaneously christian louboutin mary jane pumps. Even the US electricity supplier giant Amazon and begin to focus on luxury brands Dior VR, and thereby show to see cooperation projects. In China, the music, as the VR and storm already has mirror shaped products, which are somehow subvert the user's senses.

Development of Apple UAV Industry

In the past, Dajiang is called "apple UAV industry," Dajiang last tactical move that it be treated with Apple Playbook is the same, does not participate in the competition of price war red bottom shoes uk online, Dajiang opened its own retail entity shop, enhanced software support, focusing on research and development. Last year, sold 70% of the UAV from Dajiang, 2016, the number of industry-wide sales in 2015 of about 2-fold, about 200 million units.

Although many companies are selling UAVs, including Parrot, Yuneec (Hao Xiang) and 3D Robotics, but Dajiang believe consumers will buy it for their new technology and brands cheap red bottom shoes uk. The new "Wizard 4" sells for $ 1,399 more than last April published Wizard 3 expensive. After two years of research and development, "Wizard 4" with a perception disorder, intelligent follow, pointing flight functions.

After the release of "Wizard 3" 11 months, Dajiang 2015 sales of 10 billion, but these devices are now on sale, enough to weaken its competitors. "Wizard 3 Standard Edition" red bottom shoes uk store is now the retail price of less than $ 500.

Last year, in terms of software Dajiang put a lot of resources, in April last year issued a SDK, programmers have the opportunity to develop their drones App and new features. Some developers believe that due to the limitations of the SDK and the lack of communication with Dajiang, the initial development of no people left a deep impression, the company quickly adjust, the company last year in Palo Alto, California established a capacity of 75 people R & D Center, App developers have priority christian louboutin black. Before the former Apple antenna design and set up Rob Schlub Tesla autopilot engineer Darren Liccardo have joined in the last 12 months.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Indian CEOs of Many World-renowned Companies

According to foreign media reports, Nadella, Pichai, Suri, Arora, Mehrotra, Jha, Narayen these names may not be household names, but they managed companies can be said to occupy half of the industry. Careful search will find the CEO of Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Softbank, SanDisk, GlobalFoundries semiconductor and Adobe Systems christian louboutin rolando pumps are now replaced by the all-Indian. Why so popular Indian high-tech enterprise executives? Hanging open in the end what qualities attracted national board of directors of these Western companies?

On Monday, Google announced that executives Pichai Sundar 43-year-old was promoted to the company after the reorganization of Google CEO. This position adjustment, let us shocked many well-known high-tech companies in the CEO world it has been replaced by Indians.

Hanging open nation into a major company's CEO is not a coincidence. Southern New Hampshire University a cross-cultural study recently found that Indian managers ranked highest in terms of leadership.

Indian managers more future-oriented, and has seemingly contradictory "humble temperament and strong professionalism." This hybrid trait, particularly by the major technology companies of all ages christian louboutin sandals. When these executives to achieve extraordinary performance and the establishment of good team mostly very low-key. "

In this respect the most typical example is Microsoft. Since Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO, Microsoft emerged a new atmosphere is something Gates and Ballmer era could never happen christian louboutin slingbacks. Open source, cooperation rather than rival products as the enemy. In certain aspects Nadela predecessor Steve Ballmer completely stood on opposite.