Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are You Talking About Electronic Suppliers Online?

"The first year to achieve 10 million turnover, we were very satisfied, but also tasted the sweetness of the electricity supplier." Jingjiang Wang Xia village street nectar told reporters that he started from 2012 in online sales children's clothing, a first year of "harvest", also saw online sales momentum. With the help of Xiaoshan Jingjiang electricity supplier Derivative Association branch under Wang Xia and her husband expanded the size of the shop, purchase channels from relying on others to set up their own clothing processing base, and registered his own company and brand, target market clearer. Last year christian louboutin slingbacks, net sales more than 600 million children, "women have to thank the electricity supplier micro Association built a good platform for us." Xia says

In Jingjiang, female Xia electricity supplier can be a lot like this. Beginning in 2010, Jingjiang electricity supplier on women exposed edge, two years later, the electricity supplier for Women mushroomed rise. 2014, Street achieved a total sales of 54.66 million yuan electricity supplier online, while women sell electricity value accounted for 60%, becoming the main force, last year's "two-eleven", Jingjiang street woman electricity supplier performance reached 39 million yuan, annual results reached 80 million yuan.

Female self zone established electricity supplier derivative Association, Jingjiang Street branch became the vanguard of how to make this "Detachment of Women" to play a greater advantage, it is placed in front of female district electricity supplier Derivative Association Jingjiang street club the most important issue. Branch Jingjiang use unique advantages airport, express and logistics facilities, the rise of power Jingjiang electricity supplier industry. According to statistics, the entire street in the electricity supplier companies and 48 individuals, mainly engaged in apparel, agricultural products and so on christian louboutin sneakers. Recently, the club also held female Jingjiang electricity supplier derivative symposium, "events like this we will always be held in order to allow electricity providers derivative women closely follow the situation, grasp more industry trends." Staff attending to the female side of the electricity business Derivative distribute information, while talking with reporters activities mind. Since the club was established, positive synergies guiding role in helping in the street electricity supplier enterprises and banks docking for Fraternity members seek to increase the loan amount, interest rates and other aspects of supporting policies to address the financial problems of the electricity business entrepreneurs. Union Street is also active with the relevant departments to discuss coordinated package courier companies charge for services within the street electricity supplier business, and strive to reduce logistics costs christian louboutin wedding shoes in the street electricity supplier companies. This year, women Jingjiang street electricity supplier performance for more than one hundred million yuan.

"As a street Women's Federation, women actively electricity supplier to provide the Express Logistics, microfinance, training services convenient. Next, we will open two bases, one is female incubator electricity supplier, electricity supplier a female activity base for women Jingjiang electricity supplier grow provide a better platform. "Jingjiang street women's Federation President Jin Liping says.

Jingjiang Branch is a microcosm of our region's electric business woman derivative Meeting. Since April last year, the District Women's Federation to start electricity supplier business "Iraq + E" support program, to support women in the field of electronic business successful career; then, the electricity supplier and the establishment of women derivative fraternities, help female entrepreneurs setting up electricity supplier derivative Taiwan, sing play, the introduction of Xiaoshan District Women's entrepreneurial achievements cum e-commerce experience area, there are more than 50 merchants settled; build "the most beautiful woman christian louboutin wedges - my platform I call the shots," Xiaoshan female electricity supplier (derivative) exhibition platform, attracted thousands of female micro electricity suppliers to participate, at the same time, through various seminars and exchanges, training activities in our region active female electric provider derivative market.

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