Saturday, March 12, 2016

Registration System Cannot Step Forward Solely

This year's "Government Work Report" no mention of the registration system reform, "Thirteen Five" Plan proposed in the draft should create conditions to implement the stock issuance registration system. So when the market concerned registration system introduced, Liu Shiyu give a clear answer christian louboutin sandals, the registration system is a must do, as to how to engage, to make a thorough study.

Liu Shiyu said about registration system reform, I specifically took a little time to study, roughly divided into two aspects: one is the registration system also pursues, on the other hand is how to engage. These two aspects are not contradictory, but consistent. Here clear answer, a registration system must be engaged.

However, as to how to engage christian louboutin slingbacks, to make a thorough study. Eighth session of the Third Plenary "sound multi-level capital market system, promote the registration system reform, promote equity financing through multiple channels," which several reforms are not isolated, independent, and even split option, they are mutually progressive relationship . That is, the multi-level capital market do a good job, you can create favorable conditions for the registration system reforms.

Meanwhile, Liu Shiyu said registration system reform requires a fairly sophisticated legal environment. Last December 27, the NPC Standing Committee adopted the special special authorization christian louboutin sneakers, effective from March 1 this year, marking the government can start the registration system with the existing approval system reform, institutional approval system needed to convert between a series of complementary rules and regulations. These supporting rules and regulations, research and feasibility studies need a fairly long process.

"In this process, we must fully communicate, to reach a consensus and unite forces, supporting the reform process requires considerable, quite a long time. Registration system is not man Drang." Liu Shiyu said, "whether it is registered or approval system system, we must always uphold the protection of investors' legitimate rights and interests of the concept of good faith christian louboutin wedding shoes, the issuer disclosure rigorous reality check, even if this is the future implementation of a registration system, not only can not relax and must be strengthened. "

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