Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shoes Help to Catch the Crime

Sneakers, so we will have twelve pairs, it can be said to humble. However, it is this humble sneakers, but in the near future, "Help" the public security authorities had captured a burglary "lone thief"! This is how a pair of sneakers, even with so much power? This thing ah, have to start from January this year.

According to correspondent reported that since January this year, Mei Meizhou Jiangbei a spate of burglaries. Mei Jianggong Jinshan Security Bureau police station in the survey found that the vast majority of these burglaries occurred in Jiangbei Dongxiang Village area, and the modus operandi of these cases actually very familiar! Since last year, the police had arrested a suspect surnamed Wang, the same modus operandi, are climbing by hand christian louboutin wedding shoes, from the roof into the room for cash theft. So, this time in the East Room of the Village frequently burglary suspect Wang will be it?

Police found Wang, released from prison last December 31, and that is from the beginning of time, began to frequent burglaries occurred, the suspect Wang suddenly increased. When the police efforts to locate the whereabouts of Wang, the victim of a police calls to police successfully arrested the suspect Wang. A victim, police said, he found himself years ago to buy a pair of shoes to wear now a suspect in the foot, but recently his house into a total of four thieves. After receiving the alarm, the road patrol police immediately rushed to the scene and the victim, and together, in the East Room Village suspects arrested Wang.

Is such a pair of nondescript sneakers, Wang let fall into the French Open. Under questioning, the suspect Wang truthfully confessed last year from December 31 to February 28 this year in the East Room Meicheng Jiangbei Village area burglary crime 11 times, involving the value of about 50,000 yuan fact.

When the police took the suspect Wang identified the crime scene process, many stolen the victim failed to promptly reported to the police, and even some old people own home even stolen money still unaware. At present, the suspect Wang has been the public security organs in criminal detention, the case still pending christian louboutin wedges. Police also reminded some of the suffering burglary, but the masses did not report as soon as possible to the public security organs alarm.

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