Thursday, March 3, 2016

Make Promotions on VR

As a synonym for virtual reality, VR (Virtual Reality) technology can be described as the rapid development in recent years. In the United States, held in Las Vegas CES 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, VR products accounted for half of the foot can be seen in this new field has started to become a major focus of giant snooping christian louboutin ankle boots So, in the end is the tip of the iceberg or a trend? In yet fully popular today, the VR input is not a rainy day?

While we always said VR, but in the end what is VR? Baidu Encyclopedia explanation given is: VR technology is the utilization of computer graphics systems and a variety of reality, and control interface device on a computer-generated, three-dimensional interactive environment delivers immersive sensory technology. Interactive and immersive become key words, and VR is the use of special technology to the user to simulate a three-dimensional virtual world via computer christian louboutin boots, when the user sink where he is without hesitation that the virtual reality in such a world, the then such VR experiences called Perfect.

I remember two years ago, that is, July 30, 2014, hundreds of Baidu, the second part of The Big Talk activities, Stanford University, Stanford, founder of interactive virtual labs, virtual reality US government policy advisers and Facebook CEO Jeremy introduced at the scene of virtual reality principle and its application in psychology christian louboutin flats, education, entertainment, etc., combined with field test virtual reality magic. Was really somatosensory and VR the shock effect so far have been fresh.

At the same time, although VR technology is not universal, it is still in the development stage. But global technology companies have already begun to plan ahead, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC and other manufacturers have begun to get involved in virtual reality VR technology. Because of these giants involved in, VR is also more and more areas of industry observer noted that while these observers almost think very broad development prospects VR spontaneously christian louboutin mary jane pumps. Even the US electricity supplier giant Amazon and begin to focus on luxury brands Dior VR, and thereby show to see cooperation projects. In China, the music, as the VR and storm already has mirror shaped products, which are somehow subvert the user's senses.

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