Saturday, March 12, 2016

Personalized Requirements Made by High-end Consumers

March 13, in the country "two sessions", "minister channel", Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng told the media that there have been differences of consumption, the supply of the product, "We have to admit now demand more and more high-level personalization so consumption abroad is increasing christian louboutin shoes uk online, this is our supply-side reforms to be adjusted where consumption abroad is a lot of high-quality, branded products. to optimize the consumption environment protection. "

According to the official China Central Broadcasting sound of micro reported that Gao Hucheng at "minister channel" interview that the cost of Chinese consumption in circulation is more expensive cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, which is twice the developed countries, more than before is 20 yuan, now 15 16 yuan, mainly distribution between cities should strengthen the construction of infrastructure, especially in cold chain development.

Gao Hucheng, last year China resident card consumption abroad 90 billion, how to promote domestic consumption depends on income. 2015, China's per capita income of more than $ 8,000, according to estimates of international institutions, $ 8,000 into the middle-income countries. 20 years ago, exports, investment christian louboutin shoes uk store, consumption, consumption (accounting) is always the lowest, but not anymore, GDP6.9% growth last year, consumption accounted for 66.4%, becoming the troika of the most powerful impetus.

Gao said, in the consumer area, personalized consumer products, differentiation, branding, but the service consumer popularity, the basis of the stage, home economics, health care, education or health tourism hot spots, there is a huge rural market.

He also mentioned that the use of foreign capital to optimize layout. Now China has become the Midwest open a new frontier, the Midwest last year, foreign investment accounted for only 16% before "along the way" only 12% of policy implementation red bottom shoes sale uk, "We are now developing a directory guide Midwest attract foreign investment, further open."

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