Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pan Shows His Basketball Skills

Tonight, the national icon Pan participate in the "lip sync Wars" program in the video site and Shenzhen Satellite TV broadcast platform, it is learned earlier in the program recording medium, it has been claimed Pan "Pan too," the 11-year fan of kissing , caused a sensation. In the week program, annual Pan not only imitate Divine Comedy "my skateboard shoes," but the past few handsome pressing the image, playing opera actress on the show christian louboutin uk store, stunning the audience.

It is understood that on tonight's "lip sync big battle" for the guests and Pan Jiro, the two compete for gold Yaopai Extreme, pull out all the stops. In "those years, we were chasing the trend" link, Pan Shuai Annual Divine Comedy is funny interpretation of "My skateboard shoes," accent expression is the audience praised christian louboutin shoes sale uk "There is no sense of violation and" it is the same group dressed weird kill Matt photo, filling freak style. In addition to lip sync battle, but Pan is playing basketball scene, captured the hearts of a fan.

In a third, "and who fight mad" Competition, the release of Pan big move transvestites opera actress to tilt the world, the "fireworks easy to cold" lip-singing performances, successfully turned artistes Pan can be described as startling beauty, do It was the quintessence of character. It is reported that outfit dress spend up to an hour, from hair, clothing, and then the overall makeup are all amazing. Pan graceful manners, but the site became a vivid beautiful ink christian louboutin shoes uk outlet, were the audience screaming fans shouted "It is so beautiful." And the program's host Li Chen, also the embodiment of the Peking Opera niche, with 14 years of good brother Pan staged a poignant love story in the program.

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