Saturday, March 12, 2016

Banking Commission Judges Social Financial Institutions

Turning to Mr. Pan "down payment loans" when they respond, and some real estate development companies, real estate agency run by financial services, did not achieve the appropriate qualifications, which engaged in financial business itself is illegal, but there are still self-financing , self-insurance, a pool of money out of the phenomenon. These self-managed financial services and mortgage down payment of some financial products business cooperation with P2P platform to carry out cheap christian louboutin uk, there is provided not only increase the residents purchase leverage and weaken the effectiveness of macro-control policies, increased financial risk, while also increasing the real estate market risk.

In this regard, Mr. Pan said that People's Bank of China will, together with relevant departments, combined with the upcoming special rectification of Internet financial activities, real estate agencies, real estate development companies and their financial services in cooperation with the P2P platform to carry out rectification christian louboutin uk store, combating customers provide down payment mortgage financing, purchase increased leverage, disguised breakthrough housing credit policies.

Shang Fulin stressed that P2P services, China Banking Regulatory Commission will continue to strengthen supervision, together with relevant departments to carry out special treatment of Internet banking. "Here I want to remind you, in time to participate in social activities, finance, must be very careful to focus our attention on 'Three Views' First Look object to see if it is not for a specific object in the community does not raise funds. Second is to look at returns. See extraordinary Gregory is not a commitment in return. now the situation of the enterprise, economic development we all know christian louboutin shoes sale uk, frequently up to ten percent, even more than ten percent return, which is impossible to do this there is suspicion of illegal fund-raising. Third, look at marketing. to see whether to raise funds in the form of publicity. "Shang Fulin said.

Shang Fulin also warned that the current domestic situation is fairly grim illegal fund-raising, the case is high and frequent stage manner and pattern of crime has also been refurbished. For example, e rent treasure, under the guise of the name of the Internet and P2P, to attract capital to the community is not a specific object christian louboutin shoes uk outlet, suspected of illegal fund-raising, the current authorities have investigated and punished, they are recovered assets to maximize recover damages.

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