Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cooperation Between Audi and LG About Car Battery

According to foreign media reports, Audi announced with LG Chemical and Samsung SDI is a pure electric SUV jointly developed high-capacity battery. Audi and LG Chem had also signed a separate agreement for the development of electric vehicle battery hybrid vehicle. Audi and two South Korean goal is to develop a battery life of more than 500 kilometers pack.

Leader in pure electric vehicles Tesla plans by the end of this year on sale the first versatile SUV Model X. Which is currently focused on the field of electric vehicles Audi christian louboutin peep toe pumps. As the Volkswagen Group's luxury brand, Audi plans to enter the luxury e-SUV field in the short term. And the company has developed Q6 concept car is expected to adopt the Volkswagen Group MLB modular architecture, with a total of three horsepower motor over 500.

So far, sales of electric vehicles has been proved quite slow, of course, the Tesla Model S is an exception. This makes the electric car hardware R & D costs than the same level on the part of the traditional high-powered cars. However, Audi's upcoming e-SUV is perhaps the most likely profitable pure electric vehicles. Currently, the earnings for a large number of manufacturers, including electric vehicles, including the Tesla is a problem christian louboutin pumps. But SUV may be a chance that consumers are willing to higher seats, more storage space, better performance and security to spend more money. And cars and trucks, SUV has proven to be the key driving force of industry profits.

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