Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The War of Real Estate

The country's largest chain of home accident agency, which is the hottest topic of gossip recently, before that, in addition to the real estate industry have questioned the chain of home mode, all fairly peaceful until February 23, Shanghai Consumer Protection Association press release will be exposed two cases of complaints, caused an uproar.

Despite the chain of home heavily in Shanghai Media Group in-depth cooperation, the media did not have to face too many chain hotels, Shanghai and subsequent national media reported at great length, Construction Committee of processing and the like, the chain of family pushed to the cusp.

In fact, long been a sign event, the owners of network rights in the article came out, the chain of home did not attract enough attention, as of press before, and Homelink Homelink chairman Zuo official statement only reflected in the attitude, the overall effect that: events exist, we will not quibble, the following will continue serious work. But the question for the community, especially the question of financial services, did not have enough response.

The chain of home suffered the biggest crisis in the history of the establishment, this is not alarmist. So, in addition to the financial risks of the business, the chain of home mode in the end also What are the potential problems exist?

Have to say, the chain of family business model logic, so that the intermediary industry's most admired, nature is the chain of family size and improve the system of Internet applications. Homelink has been advertised himself as true of housing, it is indeed difficult to do a lot of companies, brokerage houses, and more generally to develop their own broker or exchange christian louboutin sandals, in order to obtain a set of exclusive listings, the agency may promise a higher price to the homeowner even homeowners to lock in advance, Homelink will sign the agreement with the owner, and pay a fee. This expansion method wolf indeed contribute significantly to the chain of home.

Originally the size of the chain of home in Shanghai is not large, all that crazy expansion of chain hotels in the past two years: Chengdu Iraq Prudential real estate mergers and acquisitions within the Real Estate, Union Properties Shenzhen, Guangdong and other national or regional full house has a high position in the market intermediaries Homelink companies have been acquired.

The accident, Blissful is the original, and now the chain of home. Blissful could have been a well-known local intermediaries, mainly engaged in high-end boutique in Shanghai local listings before the chain of family acquisitions, Blissful attaches great importance to brand reputation, so the recruitment requirements are also higher, did not appear before the acquisition christian louboutin slingbacks had such a large management crisis, we can say word of mouth is good, which belongs to the mediation field has been rare.

Acquisition of the chain of home, bring home chain's corporate culture, nature is the pursuit of the wolf, the chain has militarized home training base in Beijing Shahe, complaints and news media buyers, the surface may be the reason brokers, behind this reason, the default home chain management and corporate culture are inseparable team. In addition christian louboutin sneakers, an event to raise prices, sell high and other low-income Mediation does not regulate the operation, but also by the media continue to dig.

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