Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Quality Decides All Things

"Poetry Tang Yi's mission is to make quality everywhere, that we do not only soap, skin care products do, we are not in the sellers, we have to do is to guide people's consumption concept, so that we focus on products quality, and quality of life, the true intentions now fewer and fewer people to do the product christian louboutin mary jane pumps, we are letting Yi Tang poetry has been focused on the product quality, so we can get so many user stickiness, but also to the such a short period of time to achieve results now, derivative channels, electronic business platform, from the media, as long as attention and let more people understand Yi Tang poetry we are trying to, so that we can touch the quality of life. " Ping said its founder the world.

Derivative channel electricity supplier system, from media platforms in the brand new favorite Yi Tang poetry, from the preparatory year 2014, to March 17, 2015 formally launched just over a year's time, Yi Tang poetry gained the all kinds of awards, to become a model of mobile Internet era of branding, Yi Tang poetry now have a lot of focus on quality of life viscous fan, but its founder and the world level no hurry to consumer brands and their own christian louboutin peep toe pumps, but has always been in artisan spirit, focus on product quality and effectiveness, he said, "even the best business model can not hide the quality level of the product, only the product quality Yi Tang poems do consumers expect, we can ensure that the use everyone Yi Tang poetry are able to follow the long-term. "

And other skin care products different is that now Yi Tang poetry only natural handmade soap, its founder, talked about men and women have to do is wash your face every day in people's lives is a very important part of the wash when washing also be able to easily distinguish the sense of good and bad christian louboutin pumps, so Yi Tang poetry expect from the most basic level, people feel natural and quality, while also recalling Tang poetry in the next three years to launch a full line of skin care products such as cosmetics, solve all the people's demand for high quality natural skin care products.

Reporters observed more and more active now soap market, many skin care brands have also begun to develop soap products, as soap ingredients are sugar and vegetable oil christian louboutin rolando pumps, but also the effectiveness of adding some essential oils and other substances, the use of facial cleanser and better than other personal care products is much better, so the soap market is further expanding.

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