Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sports Shoes Made by Under Armor

According to foreign media reports, Adidas sneakers last year demonstrated the concept of a 3D printing, but did not announce the specific time to market. Today, another sports brand Under Armour maker Adidas has in time before the official sale based 3D printing soles sports shoes. Although not a full 3D printing christian louboutin shoes uk online, but it is closest to the idea of the future of Adidas products. UA plans to print only 96 pairs of sports shoes in the series, it is expected to sell at $ 300.

UA Architechs midsole series is produced by 3D printing technology, the design company called "dynamic stability platform", i.e. by interleaving the lattice structure provides both the "energy return" full advantage of the foam cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, and also to raise the stability. UA is designed to provide a suitable cross-weight-training shoes products.

Since the first attempt to use 3D printing technology for the production christian louboutin shoes uk store, UA does not plan to launch large-scale quantities. UA Architechs will only provide 96 pairs, priced at $ 300.

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