Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do Not Forget to Take Off Your Shoes

March 7, a crowd went to Wang alone Tang opening a home in the village street wall stolen property. After receiving the alarm, Jining City Public Security Bureau police station rushed to Tang opening scene, Wang will be stuck in the house, Wang had no escape in bed pretending to sleep christian louboutin flats. This little trick natural hiding police, Wang was captured on the spot. When caught, he was wearing just a village home to steal the sneakers.

"Recently, Tang mouth several village streets have been several burglaries, although the value of the case is not large, but disturbed the normal life of the villagers." TANGKOU station director Zhai Tao told reporters after the theft occurred, the joint technology Office of Criminal investigation brigade police station on the scene to conduct a careful and meticulous investigation, to extract the relevant trace evidence, at the same time christian louboutin mary jane pumps, Tang mouth sent sent police to carry out investigations, looking for clues to solve.

March 7 evening 7:20 or so, the police station received Tangkou Tangkou street Poe Wangcun village police, said the home theft. More than police immediately drove to the scene, according to a report clues, suspects the theft locks in the center of the street in a village home. After arrest, the police found a bed in Westinghouse suspicious man who was sound asleep. "At that time the suspect lying in bed, and still purr, sometimes we can not judge between his identity." Police told reporters that this time, men sandals attracted the attention of the police christian louboutin peep toe pumps, how can not sleep off your shoes of? Then a closer look, the man apparently pretending to be asleep. Police immediately approached the man pressed down on the bed and seized cigarettes, wallet and other items from them. After then rushed to a villager surnamed Ma identified, the man wore sneakers and body cigarettes, wallet stolen items were his home.

The face of police interrogation, the man said nothing. By criminal police technical room than to confirm that the man is against the public security organs have been treated 22 years Binzhou membership recidivism Wang. Faced with the evidence, Wang finally confessed his mouth fled to Tang street theft illegal facts. Wang said he had not seen from the three-year-old mother since his father died when he was fifteen or sixteen, after he has been living with his grandmother christian louboutin pumps. Since childhood lack of parental care, coupled with poor self-discipline, Wang began to petty theft, until she embarked on the path of crime. At present, Wang has been the police on suspicion of theft under criminal detention.

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