Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Supply More Policy Resources for Rural Areas

Select the hosts live in Zuoquan will promote, because the county is targeting three major breakthroughs, localization strategy: relying on local commercial enterprises - Tian Bao agriculture, the first "food barter" cognitive breakthrough of market players to realize manor electricity supplier combine the two carriers; breakthrough electricity supplier application range, flexible use of "Internet +" thinking, provide policy advice to support and benefit agriculture red bottom shoes uk online, poverty relief in a timely manner to achieve, fine; breakthrough development of electronic business environment, improve the logistics system, enhance distribution capabilities, set up to guide the development of the electricity supplier financing.

Address four problems and achieve standardization Advancement: complete action plans to address the top-level design; construction and operation center, operation system to solve problems, to build "1 + 1 + 10 + N" e-commerce service system and the "farmers + Shop" " farmers + agricultural enterprises + shop "net sales of agricultural systems; business park was established to address the problem of business incubators, to create e-commerce business park Zuoquan achieve policy resources cheap red bottom shoes uk and market resources, administrative capabilities and market organic integration capabilities; and build a strong foundation for development, to solve market access problems, the government started doing core projects, mobilize community participation, and promote personnel training and other infrastructure work to promote market expansion.

By 2020, the province has 30 foster typical leading role of rural e-commerce demonstration counties, and gradually built a unified, open, competitive and orderly, law-abiding integrity, improve the network, fast delivery concerns of rural e-commerce market system, the basic realization of courier services " township and outlets, village courier. " And strive to the province's rural e-commerce transactions with an average annual growth rate of 40%, with average annual growth of online sales of red bottom shoes uk store agricultural products by more than 30%.

July 2015, the province Qingxu County, Jingle, Xingxian, Zuoquan, Wuxiang County Lingchuan County, Houma, Yuanqu County 8 counties (cities) was identified as the national e-commerce into the countryside demonstration counties. Up to now, eight demonstration counties have been completed nine county-level operating service centers, eight county-level logistics and warehousing centers, 486 service stations, 113 batches of training, training of personnel total of 2.5 million people. Rural net sales 128.72 million yuan, 34.78 million yuan of agricultural products sales network, sales of 72.79 million yuan of industrial networks, rural tourism service network sales christian louboutin black 4.8 million yuan, the number of new outlets to 2077, the number of Internet users in the development of 17.45 million, improve employment 4065 people, including rural youth, college students, migrant workers 3584 people, 21 people with disabilities, women left behind 300, 130 poor people.

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