Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Indian CEOs of Many World-renowned Companies

According to foreign media reports, Nadella, Pichai, Suri, Arora, Mehrotra, Jha, Narayen these names may not be household names, but they managed companies can be said to occupy half of the industry. Careful search will find the CEO of Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Softbank, SanDisk, GlobalFoundries semiconductor and Adobe Systems christian louboutin rolando pumps are now replaced by the all-Indian. Why so popular Indian high-tech enterprise executives? Hanging open in the end what qualities attracted national board of directors of these Western companies?

On Monday, Google announced that executives Pichai Sundar 43-year-old was promoted to the company after the reorganization of Google CEO. This position adjustment, let us shocked many well-known high-tech companies in the CEO world it has been replaced by Indians.

Hanging open nation into a major company's CEO is not a coincidence. Southern New Hampshire University a cross-cultural study recently found that Indian managers ranked highest in terms of leadership.

Indian managers more future-oriented, and has seemingly contradictory "humble temperament and strong professionalism." This hybrid trait, particularly by the major technology companies of all ages christian louboutin sandals. When these executives to achieve extraordinary performance and the establishment of good team mostly very low-key. "

In this respect the most typical example is Microsoft. Since Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO, Microsoft emerged a new atmosphere is something Gates and Ballmer era could never happen christian louboutin slingbacks. Open source, cooperation rather than rival products as the enemy. In certain aspects Nadela predecessor Steve Ballmer completely stood on opposite.

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