Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Short Video Form Booms in the World

As in 2016 the first popular in the north and south of the net red sauce papi, you must be in your circle of friends to brush over to "a set of talent and beauty in one of the woman" at the end of Tucao Video - Northeast words + Taiwanese men rules of survival, sometimes micro-channel so let me crash, and the latest women despise a woman's personal theater and so on series of short videos.

In addition, BOBO head image makeup teach skills cheap cheap, the mouth-to-mouth play acting Biao small coffee show, the birth of two break the Guinness World Record events UGC platform for the United States to shoot, as well as micro-channel version 6.0 Release small video features, in fact, again short video into a climax.

On his way to work, before going to sleep, when more and more people own these fragmented times poured in a little spoof, a little from the black, three very positive outlook and particularly interesting short video to papi red sauce and others critical node short video accompanying force prehistoric infused social development christian louboutin peep toe pumps, are opening a new era.

Text is too pale, but still pictures recorded voice not describe the picture, move the expression of social intranet, follow the evolution of science and technology has experienced again and again, but people still feel that this form often lied.

Intelligent terminal, 4G networks, as well as the popularity of mobile services eco-WIFI wireless network constantly full, occupies little space and can deliver accurate information in a short video emerged, this covers a variety of forms from the voice, image to the character emotes, etc. carriers, is becoming a new form of social content rich.

Talkingdata "2015 mobile video applications industry report" shows that all mobile video applications, video applications, the number of short paragraph minimal, accounting for only 6.1%, but the number of users is the largest growth rate, an increase of 401.3%. Short video shows the popularity of the entire mobile Internet christian louboutin pumps.

Mass production of short video initiative to reach blowout, small to teenage adorable baby, such as the United States beat on by many strange aunt sorghum favorite "peggy", "Little mangosteen", ranging from middle age, sharing their food the "DF readily shoot '; simple photographs of small video strung, cover, live, K songs, disco drama, dance, travel, beauty, clothing with the second element, and so on, extended content staggering.

Shot in the United States, second film and other popular platforms column, stars, spoof, Meng pet, food, beauty is the most popular content - beauty shot of funny man "Liu Yang Cary" latest "To girlfriends" Short Video play as high as 3.684 million times, small meat "SKM broken tone" and "New Year's monkey Hey Sen" short videos like 117,000 times.

As targeting US shot "everyone is a star," in the United States and other short video platform fire shoot up of people, by virtue of the various forms of content after harvest a lot of fans, but also attracted the video program, favored by traditional media, such as heterosexual loaded famous "Kaylee" and "kiki captain" was a "wonderful to say," the invitation christian louboutin rolando pumps, "Mr. Yu Dutch - Ms. Jin Yi" participated in Hunan Satellite TV, "white almond powder" with a relatively simple cucumber Wobble video widely reported by the media.

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