Monday, February 29, 2016

3C Products and Its Development

In addition to advances in technology to enhance the performance of products, it is more important is to make products lead the fashion. The higher technological content of products will become lighter, thinner, better looking, and as such by fashionistas like. Recently, a gift shop on the street street line a large number of 3C digital products christian louboutin wedges, go along with these products leading fashion together.

Stylish, compact, small speakers Bluetooth Sony 11; M stay Meng God accompany you, special forces intelligent voice speaker table lamp; release ears feel surrounded by music, panda-quality speakers; more intimate bosom friend, BEATS PILL Bluetooth wireless audio; Mito phone, you beauty my world is the United States; the energy slowly to the TA, Teddy bear doll charging treasure; smile Meng Chong christian louboutin sneakers, LG looks POPO easily bear interest cameras and other gifts not only the full sense of science and technology, but will also lead the fashion.

Street street gift shop on January 28, 2015 formally launched, the main novelty Coldplay fine line, including flowers and plants, jewelry, accessories, 3C digital, beauty, creative life, watches bags christian louboutin wedding shoes, food, small appliances eight categories, single-product prices between 10 yuan -7000 yuan, the future will continue to enrich unfamiliar street category according to user needs.

Small Luxury Industries Boosting Fast

Luxury goods industry as a whole down, targeting popular fast fashion brands are heady. Walking in major shopping malls in Guangzhou, fast fashion stores popular full, before fitting room, cashier are long queues, and other neighboring clothing store deserted in stark contrast.

Fast fashion seems to be an amazing magic traction with customers, this magic comes from fast fashion models and more, the price level and update speed. Each limited number quickly update fast fashion christian louboutin rolando pumps, pose a similar hunger marketing effectiveness, many customers have a habit: every once in a while to go fast fashion stores around to see what new shelves. Thus, the fast fashion stores often "crowds" to ZARA, H & M, Uniqlo as the representatives of the fast fashion brand is earned pours.

Guangzhou public perception of fast fashion is getting stronger. If we say that a few years ago, some belated or fast fashion "guests"; that it just two or three years, fashion has become a fast friend in Guangzhou: a good momentum of development in fast fashion brands including Guangzhou a second-tier cities, including the rapid expansion was not only "capture" a major shopping district of Guangzhou, but also into more people's daily lives. Buy fast fashion, your choice more and more. Of course, you will also find that pocket money is not consciously "jump" to the cashier each fast fashion stores.

However, faced with an increasingly competitive apparel market, consumer spending habits change gradually and increasingly picky tastes, fast fashion days are not so easy. For consumers, they also feel that part christian louboutin sandals of the fast fashion product quality is not satisfactory, the price appears to have shrunk. And Uniqlo, GAP's latest earnings show its performance growth is slowing.

In such a situation, how to find a new growth point, to seize a larger market share and become fast fashion brand imperative. Many fast fashion brands in China to expand the electricity supplier channels, customers will be able to buy homes of their products; while still part of the four-tier cities to open new stores, the channel sink to potential medium and small cities. In addition, they also adopted a new media marketing cross-border cooperation to find a new breakthrough.

In the traditional garment industry as a whole down the background, remain popular fast fashion transformation of other apparel companies also have a certain significance. Domestic garment industry take a lot to learn christian louboutin slingbacks from those international fast fashion brand, not only out of a play to their strengths, but also to adapt to competitive differentiation road market.

Traditional Chinese New Year Ceremony

City of San Marino in a doorway decorated houses, red lanterns hanging door, door covered with red carpet, like a ceremony. Dressed as Qing Dynasty "princess" look like "Babes" were lined up at the door welcoming, that came to the palace of the Qing Dynasty general.

Into the courtyard is full of rich Chinese Spring Festival atmosphere, the right hand side is the snacks stalls, there are flour stalls selling candied fruit stalls, live entertainment pull Sugar dough booth christian louboutin peep toe pumps, the booth also decorated with monkey pattern painting. Even better is in line with the Monkey, as well as a three year old monkey coming true, this cute monkey and we have to attract their photo.

Pool side yard placed a dozen large table covered with red tablecloths, supporting the Chinese bamboo chairs, the other side is a special ice ice monkey, map lights at night is very beautiful. Pool area is directly opposite a region surrounded by peach dessert, snacks are printed with a special dessert Chinese word blessing, good luck dolls, red lanterns and other patterns, full of festive holiday.

Following the Year of the Ram temple held a party last year, hostess Cindy Chen held again this year the Chinese New Year family party, she said, she has held for three consecutive years of Chinese New Year theme party at home, a company specializing in Western bar, there is a company in charge of Chinese food , as well as responsible for performing companies. More lively than the previous year, the theme is the feeling of want to create a Chinese night market, waiters are dressed as Qing Dynasty hawkers appearance, on-site production of dumplings, fish balls, cakes, etc., also invited dough artists. Guests are the closest friends and family christian louboutin pumps, a total of 100 bits. Scene, dragon and lion dances, as well as acrobatics and magic show, called Family New Year party.

She says they are a people like the excitement, the annual Spring Festival family are gathered here from all directions, we dressed up three generations, before the banquet began shooting the whole family, and friends to enjoy together after meals and performances to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is Chinese tradition as well as their home an annual tradition.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Keep Slim After Spring Festival

Just Guowanchunjie, sister paper are eating and drinking before the holiday village down fat successfully Tuisan yet? The new round of the season is quickly exposed flesh snout everyone's good figure, oh! Then you do not lose weight, one year only sad ah! In order to expose a 360 degree face slap in the summer, the charming waistline, tender crane legs, all specially concocted thin beauty Raiders, only to wait another year to miss this! JMS were quickly followed to complete the magnificent thin beauty big turn now!

Absolutely want to take control of their own mouth, diet is the best measure to solve this embarrassing problem. As eating foods high in fat, such as cream cakes, chocolate, ice cream and french fries and potato chips, do not indulge itself in the mouth and stomach, bad teeth made here are also shared.

Too harsh diet can affect health, causing the body lack of nutrients and trace elements christian louboutin sale uk, so you can eat fish and shellfish, while legumes and cereals, nutritional supplement needs christian louboutin wedding shoes. Hour hold cooking with olive oil and sesame oil instead of salad oil, and always carry out the principle of a meal 1 teaspoon of oil, to be able to control the fat intake well.

Accumulation of fat in the lower body is very stubborn, easy come, easy go too slow, so you want to take preventive measures and, in general you have to pay attention to control fat intake. Of course, a good measure is more movement to burn off excess fat, do some hip and leg motion, thin waist will have a good effect. Try to climb the stairs back to the elevator during the farewell, there is time to do yoga or stretching exercises, the muscles of the lower body exercise too close together, Man Yao came back. Touch their waist, fat invention more thick? stop! How can let fat occupy your waist, you will need to waist fat hands. Continue long-lasting sitting, lack of exercise, poor diet for fear you will have a super-sticky spare tire. Seeing summer will come, waist fat can not let rampant at the moment the first to Regulation it right.

Office workers or students are required to sit in a chair every day, it is easy to gather a long time doing abdominal fat, this hour would need to develop good habits, correct posture, abdomen and chest, will be able to subtract some of the accumulation in the abdomen fat. Ready to remind ourselves chest, abdominal contraction, Zhi Yao, sitting, such as hanging bell, even if it is not maintained, verses and do, are likely to minus 2 pounds or more burdensome fat from the stomach.

Busy day, want to sleep directly down on the bed, the hour to develop a good habit to do some small thin waist motion, not only can lose weight, but also promote sleep, you can sleep after finish.

There are three such a small movement, you can select one or two to try each one: the body lying on the ground, his hands held onto the ears, but do not your head. Knees bent, lift your feet, thighs and abdomen angle less than 90 degrees. Pneumatically operated abdomen slowly lift your upper body, try to keep the legs do not move, or repeat 15-20 times the body lying on the ground, his hands flat on the sides, knees bent legs lifted. Waist force mobilization legs to the right, to the left and then return in situ.

That boring hour, also the body lying on the ground christian louboutin wedges, sole, lower my eyes, buttocks lift force, speed slower. Hip height and spine into a straight line should be repeated 2O times, every day could be held 1-3. Touch their waist, fat invention more thick? stop! How can let fat occupy your waist, you will need to waist fat hands. Continue long-lasting sitting, lack of exercise, poor diet for fear you will have a super-sticky spare tire. Seeing summer will come, waist fat can not let rampant at the moment the first to Regulation it right.

Fashion Weeks for Super Market

Compared beautiful fashion, New York, London Fashion Week was probably the most exciting "that look that you buy" consumption patterns. Burberry announced that starting from September this year, after the catwalks customers can quickly buy new show by way of online and offline, Tommy Hilfiger christian louboutin sandals, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and other big names were also added to this model.

We log Burberry official website, in the "Miss" column select the "fashion series in February 2016," a total of 32 shows in the same coat and a nail polish to choose from. Probably on the "real wear ism" insisted coat uniform wind or whether England Plaid patterns are very atmospheric models out to the streets. However, now only order stage, single before March 7, 12-18 to wait weeks to receive the goods. Customer service told us that, at present, will showcase new products only within a store Burberry flagship store in London and Paris.

This is already a leap in nearly a century ago, the new show are from the order to the production line, the last to enter the market, the basic needs of six months christian louboutin slingbacks. In the "per-view that is to buy" after the implementation of mass production "explosion models" completely rely on the brand's grasp.

"Consumers do not care reviews and fashion magazine, only interested in talking about Rihanna presentation or on social media Instagram." Designer Tom Ford said. This also shows that the impact of social media consumers increasingly strong, people like the fresh quick message, rather than the traditional and backward fashion week platform.

Open Twitter a key purchase, enter the Apple Music network exclusive music channels ...... for heat, Burberry seemed full of ambition. Men's Week beginning, it had invited Chinese actor Wu Yifan group rate mode catwalk, even still today the official microblogging released by the Wu Yifan. For a time maxed out Chinese netizens microblogging Home, Brand Officer micro night up tens of thousands of fans, the original "otherworldly" big show so that the topic of full.

In yet another aspect, the slow progress of the fashion week also led to the devaluation of their ideas, the world of civilians already copied it overturned. ZARA are due to receive a copy on the ten million euros a year ticket, but still without prejudice to its founder aspirations of the world's richest man christian louboutin sneakers. To fight against the deterioration of the big draw is only when the highest heat sent later links instead of hope, "living in the moment," the girls remember six months ago their grass lists.

"Just the current stage, the designer can also make individual orders for goods according to customer reaction and adjustment." Cindy said local designers, " 'That look that buy' very suitable for China, this year's Shanghai Fashion Week may also appear, has buyers and we discuss this model of. "

Health is the Top Priority for All People

Increased physical facilities of public service calls, first from the public health needs. Currently, large stadiums in some places, and public really needs to use a disconnect, in front of the reality of the high maintenance costs, operators often fall into unsustainable dilemma. Data show that China's existing large stadiums christian louboutin peep toe pumps, the standard stadium occupy more than 60% the total number of sports venues, attracting more than 500 people but accounts for less than 55% of the fitness week. Overcharging, poor management, outdated model of development, the service concept behind superimposed ...... various factors, making it difficult to play due to radiation effects.

Stadiums and medium-sized school gyms are also facing this problem. "National Fitness Regulations" provides that "public schools should actively create conditions for sports facilities open to the public," but, by the stadium management of education systems, accounting for 53.01% of the total area of ​​the national stadium, open the current overall rate is still at low levels. Small and medium sized, community-based fitness venues, because the overall number of small, expensive consumption, far unable to meet public needs. As more than 30 million small-scale outdoor sports, even in some cities faced with the gradual disappearance of the crisis.

According to the survey, at 20 years of age to participate in physical exercise in the crowd, more than 20% of people believe that the current sports facilities from expectations, "far away", 65.2% of people want to build communities (township) Fitness center. "Fitness enthusiasm is high, but since less space," can be said that the structural imbalance of supply sports, restricting public workout plan into action an important objective factors christian louboutin pumps. Only continue to strengthen the synergy between departments, in order to attract the participation of social forces to build a good service platform, and effectively solve the problem of good venues, facilities, service facilities keep up with demand and other issues, the degree of urban and rural residents to participate in physical exercise may have "gone. . "

From this perspective, the concept of clearing, institutional barriers, promote the popularization and development of the national fitness sports industry, it is to improve people's livelihood and well-being, enhance the people's sense of obtaining necessary move. It is precisely because, in recent years, the state sports department repeatedly urged governments at all levels to provide public sports services, local governments have also gradually fitness into the local economic and social development plan.

Meet the public's growing demand for physical exercise, the key is "the right medicine, syndrome differentiation." "Suitable for the elderly, women and children, fitness path, less special venues; for morning and evening exercises, women and stylistic unity of space utilization, less specificity site; outdoor venues christian louboutin rolando pumps, but few indoor venues." Some scholars have used "three three small" summed up the domestic public sports facilities configuration. Reform of sports, we need to revitalize the stock of resources, good incremental article, to break the impact of industrial development "obstruction." As more sports into the "fitness" mode, the public every passion, every drop of sweat, to find a suitable space to release and sway.

"This year, next year bamboo bamboo shoots, young body Zhuang elderly blessing." National health is the foundation of national prosperity, the sport is the most effective investment to achieve health. Per capita of about 1.5 meters, or about 23 A4-size paper sports area, more than 10 years ago, an increase of 40% compared to developed countries christian louboutin sandals, but still not a small gap. From now on, the relevant units of the initiative to "dry up", people take the initiative to "practice" it is booming fitness, physical fitness and continuously improve national vision, we will be able to soon become deeply proud of the "capital of happiness", work and life "source of power."

Solar Planning in Indian Countries

WTO Dispute Settlement Body 24 released the panel report on the US complaint solar cells and templates Measures on India, some of the measures ruled India in the "National Solar Mission" taken in violation of WTO rules.

Report ruled that the Indian National Solar Plan measures "domestic content requirements" in violation of the "1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" and the relevant provisions christian louboutin sneakers of the "Agreement on Trade-related investment" in, and US companies constitute discriminatory treatment.

The same day, the US Trade Representative's office issued a statement, this decision will be seen as a decisive victory, a move that the United States will support employment in the field of clean energy.

Currently, there are about a quarter of India's population not yet covered grid. In order to solve the domestic "power shortage" problem, the Indian government launched the christian louboutin wedding shoes "National Solar Plan" in 2010, aims to make the total 2022 domestic solar power generation reached 20,000 megawatts.

The plan for the first and second stage of measures relating to "domestic content requirements", the United States, respectively, in 2013 and 2014 to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism to draw the appeal christian louboutin wedges, saying the measures violate WTO rules, restrictions on the US solar India's exports to the detriment of US export-related businesses.

Loftwork Artwork Management

In order to attract more travelers to the tourist, and a more pro way to show local specialties, Japan Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture in 2013 - launched a program called "The USIO Project" in 2015, will contact local businesses and designers together, so that the two sides cooperate with each other together to Ishigaki repackaging and design christian louboutin sandals. "Usio" this word has meaning tide, where it is the meaning of hope that through this program, such as tide-like attract people to the island.

An important part of this plan is to invite USIO island dozens of specialty designers and souvenirs redesigned packaging. These brightly colored packaging style, fresh and lively, beautiful island style. For example, one of the products are locally grown flowers and tea, tea box packaging like a small house, combined with a feeling of village life. Further, in the south of Japan Ishigaki Yaeyama Islands, west of the East China Sea, close from Taiwan, with organizers saying, "This is a unique fusion of local culture by the Okinawa, Japan and Taiwan culture together," so you can see this feature from the product.

Project by the Japanese company's Loftwork operational management. The company provides network platform for artists and designers, combined with a number of artists and designers to do the design for the Japanese local industry and agriculture. Their work is very rich in content, packaging design, web design, event planning christian louboutin slingbacks, spatial planning are included. The first phase of the plan by USIO competition invited designers Ishigaki design packaging, packaging is the final presentation of the contribution scheme victory will put into use, the island can buy.

Magic Book Store in London

Narrow space, several tall bright yellow wooden shelves from floor to ceiling through, extended from the entrance to the depths of the bookstore, shaped like books piled up on both sides of the wall christian louboutin peep toe pumps. Surface "wall" undulating like waves, which can be embedded for people to sit down and read the "niches." Between empty bookcase stocked with the same material at the yellow table, there are some style not matching chairs. The laying of the ceiling mirror, put everything all mapping, copy again.

Libreria bookstore there are two characteristics: the strict implementation of the provisions of no cell phone, hoping the door after customer obsession aside for such electronic products; In addition, in order to allow readers to enjoy the "exploration" of the process, here are books by genre and non-display category, for example there will be "mother", "whore" this theme, a book of poetry will appear at the top of the evolutionary psychology books.

This store is more relaxed than our common bookstore atmosphere, so that the reader safely in a more comfortable undisciplined state, but it is not a completely messy disorder christian louboutin pumps. Like with the sense of reality than fantasy, suitable as a movie scene.

Libreria bookstore designed by Spanish architectural design firm Selgascano. That they had a partner, joint office space in London Second Home founder commissioned to design a bookstore. With such a fantastic sense of design is not without reason. Selgascano by "The Library of Babel," the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges inspired by the classic novel design.

Borges's works deep and full of philosophizing, is that "reflects the sense of unreality and chaos in the world literature", dreams, maze, time, space, and other gods is one of the eternal theme. In the novel "The Library of Babel", the fictional Borges composed of numerous books, bookshelves constructed library christian louboutin rolando pumps, there are an infinite number of hexagonal cloister composed of the above full of books, filled with endless written symbols . He used it to signify the universe, all languages, grammar and ideas will be repeated in the infinite time and space.

Although designers just get inspiration from novels, Libreria bookstore design can not be fully expressed Borges Reflection of the world, but this filled with books, as surreal space, revealing subtle novels which that, "library (ie universe) seemingly random, but it actually is orderly and eternal."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Loose Coin Market Helps the International Finance Market

Moody's deputy director general manager / director of Greater China credit analysis Ivan Chung said, the Chinese government continued to promote the reform and gradual liberalization of domestic bond markets, as well as under the current low interest rate environment, businesses, financial institutions and local governments domestic bond issuance market is expected to sustain the growth momentum.

Ivan Chung in Moody's published a new "Focus RMB bonds" (Renminbi Bonds Monitor) report on the occasion made the comment. The quarterly report is designed to provide domestic and overseas christian louboutin sneakers Chinese renminbi bond market, the latest trends, and describes Moody's view of the market trends.

January 2016 new RMB loans reached the highest monthly level since 2012. Even taking into account China's new loans to peak seasonal pattern usually appears in January, the new scale still higher than in January 2012 - higher than the same period in 2015, more than 1 trillion yuan.

In view of the weak against the dollar this year, liquidity and foreign investors interested in the overseas market RMB assets more uncertain. Therefore christian louboutin wedding shoes, offshore renminbi bond market growth will remain weak, foreign issuers may be the main market.

The report also analyzes why in the loose credit environment overcapacity industries (such as steel, coal, shipbuilding and cement) weak financial position of the issuer's credit is still much pressure. Total domestic issuers over 3000, and the credit quality is uneven, Moody's expects the domestic market to erupt more events of default christian louboutin wedges.

Ivan Chung said last overcapacity industry restructuring will also lead to more credit event has occurred, such as asset sales and acquisitions, such events could have a significant impact on the issuer's credit status.

Eating Safely with Dietary Insurance

It is understood that this is what I have a dinner meal insurance plan recently launched, hopes will be able to create a more peace of mind at ease dining atmosphere for diners. This is the Internet "food fight" the industry's first company to launch internet users insurance plan.

It is reported that the meal I had this protection scheme by the China Ping An (601318, stock it) Insurance for its "tailored" will provide insurance coverage of up to 100,000 yuan insurance every platform I have rice meal diners insurance costs borne by the food I have internet christian louboutin rolando pumps. That is, according to the original diners only need to purchase the dinner processes, do not need to pay an additional insurance to qualify for the insurance. "I have food on the line since the size of any accident has never happened before, and before every dinner shelves are scrutinized, dinner protection scheme is in line with the original intention for the sake of diners, so that we can safely try this new dining mode. we also want to call the entire security industry through such a meal plan to strengthen the protection of both parties. "I have a person in charge said rice market.

The protection scheme clearly pointed out its scope only occurred to me for the specific platform conventions accident insurance on rice dinner place occurred and requires the parties filed within 24 hours of the accident. I have also provided a platform for a meal including micro letter and telephone contact customer service, aimed at the first time of the accident in a timely manner in response to active treatment.

Potatoes, rice I have experienced diners, has participated in more than 40 dinner. "In fact, the dinner has been circulating in the sentence is 'people eat nothing bad eye', but people do eat nature are all relatively optimistic and cheerful, was certainly no stranger to worry about how dinner will have an accident christian louboutin sandals. Conventional participation over dinner, the people coming Duman high quality, there is now after such a protection scheme will be more at ease some of the heart. "

As a stranger never tried the dinner Chu said he such a stranger to dinner on this matter is most worried about food safety, there has been no attempt to go boldly, and now have heard that eating insurance, would be willing to try a bit.

With Internet + shared economic model under matures, more and more industries added to the shared economic tide to start, for the birth of each of the creative industries, the initial total there are different voices and questioned. I have a dinner for the launch of its business insurance plan is not difficult to find christian louboutin slingbacks, start-up companies made positive efforts for innovation and business can be accepted by the public.

Delivery Company More than What You Imagine

While SF has never published their own business data, but the company is the industry's profitability has been recognized as the highest. In the new market environment, "not bad money," the SF requires more capital operation.

SF Express has already started is not a simple courier companies. Beginning last year, the original SF business segments are divided into six business groups operate independently of business: speed transport business group, business group business, supply chain business group, with warehouse logistics business group christian louboutin mary jane pumps, financial services business group, SF International Business Group. Business related to courier, fresh electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier, financial payment, unmanned aerial vehicles and the like.

Industry experts believe that the SF market, the overall valuation of more than 100 billion yuan, "SF split alone will not be known to the industry, but also by the business as a quick listing of quality assets, but is packaged together to form the overall listing" .

SF in people's minds has been playing a rich man, but opinion, SF need money to children very much, "SF though not the most money, but rely Merchants and CITIC Capital and other institutions is not the most good way to own blood is the key. "

According to Beijing Daily reporter, is currently brewing SF multiple distribution centers, airports, unmanned aerial vehicles, SF payment and banking business plans christian louboutin peep toe pumps, while also being SF courier mode change. In the industry view, after the listing of the influx of capital will undoubtedly accelerate the implementation of large projects.

In addition to capital requirements, policies to promote also express delivery companies listed plays an important role. Last October, the State Council issued a document that supports the delivery of public financing corporate mergers and acquisitions. At present, China's express delivery has experienced a decade of rapid growth, now coincides with the traditional national sector reform, policy support and other opportunities, listed companies can take the initiative in the competition. In addition, the listing will also be greatly improved ability to resist risks express delivery companies.

SF's official website information display, was established in 1993 SF establish a large information collection, marketing, logistics, express mail and other business institutions christian louboutin pumps and Collection and Delivery service network, as of July 2015, SF has nearly 340,000 employees 1.6 million units of transport vehicles, 19 cargo aircraft owned and throughout mainland China, more than 12,260 overseas outlets.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Super Car Designed by Maserati

Maserati in car body design features a clear manifestation of family DNA comprises three holes before chrome fender vents, trapezoidal C pillar with Saetta logo, as well as frameless door windows peer rare design christian louboutin pumps. Rear of the vehicle with streamlined design, with tilting rear window, the characteristics of high-performance sports car heritage.

Levante chassis design combines each Maserati all have, even in the low adhesion surface can be manipulated outstanding urban road performance, and superior off-road performance and driving experience. It is worth mentioning that this new SUV has advanced with adjustable electronic suspension damping shock absorbers christian louboutin rolando pumps, can achieve a variety of body height adjustment, "Q4" intelligent all-wheel drive system and a specially tuned for the new car 8-speed automatic transmission. Environmental emissions, Levante in line with Euro6 standard gasoline and diesel engines.

Levante at the Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy manufactured the first automobile production has been completed, the country's first Maserati SUV Levante authorized dealer will contact Shanghai Italian special car in April this year, invites the public to watch the shop christian louboutin sandals. Maserati Quattroporte Executive existing cars, Ghibli sedan, GranTurismo coupe and GranCabrio roadster, Levante release will further enrich the entire department Maserati four-door sedan and sports car product line.

Popular Design by Volvo Cars

Mention VOLVO brand, people mind the first time there will be two characters "safe." Yes, the brand that is durable and secure the success of the market. In the eyes of the designer of Volvo, Cross Country is different from the general sense of the concept of cross-border, but on the basis of this concept derived from the cross-border nature by having a better version. Today Volvo "XC" series name is actually shorthand for CrossCountry models derived from the past, we can say christian louboutin flats, CrossCountry Volvo SUV, and now it is the design of the source.

Family front with "Quake" like daytime running lights, simple under the front lip on two parallel lines sketched out a picture of the elegant European-style vehicle features. Side lines and tough, always in the end of the waist gives the feeling of calm. Compared to the V60 models now on sale, this is the interpretation of the sideways outline the true meaning of a travel version of the car.

Very layered tail design is the highlights of the car, giving the calm atmosphere of the visual senses. Iconic style taillights on both sides of the water, it looks strong sense of fashion christian louboutin mary jane pumps, and this car is also designed to bring a sense of steady enough, bilateral single out the chrome exhaust is very low-key, but the overall design of the tail played dotting effect.

Car interior continues the minimalist design with layered S90, metal, wood grain full. Multimedia system using touch screen, the system can support the Volvo Sensus connect intelligent interactive systems and CarPlay functions. Compared to the old model volvo unique Nordic interiors, science and technology and enhance the user experience more than one grade.

Volvo V90 and S90 are from the SPA platform, power, is expected to continue S90 powertrain, 2.0L turbocharged engine, 2.0L mechanical + 2.0T turbocharged engine and plug-in hybrid system respectively mounted T5 christian louboutin peep toe pumps, T6 and T8 models on. The case of market pricing reasonable guess, the main rival should be locked in the 5 Series Touring.

A New Hot Fashion Magazine in Spain

Paper media to die this topic has been talked about too much, but we do not agree with that argument. Media in any era will be demand, but the decline of print media (not completely disappeared), only means that the pattern of media is changing.

Not on the roadside kiosks, but to some specialized bookstores, you will find plenty of niche publications. They may in some niche bookstore - they are not known in the public view, but also accumulated a number of loyal readers, you may also see them in the various categories of buyers shop. Circulation of these publications are not high christian louboutin ankle boots, but that does not mean they can not be profitable.

This time we want to say is the fashion magazine. We report a lot ceased fashion publications, such as "Ruili fashion pioneer," "Fashion Weekly", "fashion bride", "Lucky" and so on. Eyes of ordinary people is probably the fashion magazines like VOGUE as glamorous supermodel wearing big luxury, hands full of jewelery and watches worth tens of millions, bend sexy attitude, and talk about some distant or inspirational life or chicken soup.

But now there are not the same, the fashion magazine target audience becomes critical millennials, in the era of easy access to information so that they want higher quality and more interesting, and more personalized content. Here are a few publications worthy of recommendation.

This is an independent magazine in Spain, the creative team took three years to publish the first book, is also only a three. Founder David Uzquiza and Adrián González-Cohen tired of mainstream publications, so you want to create a truly unique avant-garde publications.

Publications are all bold colors, sharp editorials, as well as 1970s-style graphics, they pay tribute to the oldest fashion magazine, but also has its own style. The content of those contributors christian louboutin boots - such as the legendary photographer Bruce Weber, punk star Patti Smith, as well as by the ladies turn into fashion connoisseurs Chlöe Sevigny and other long list, are impressive.