Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eating Safely with Dietary Insurance

It is understood that this is what I have a dinner meal insurance plan recently launched, hopes will be able to create a more peace of mind at ease dining atmosphere for diners. This is the Internet "food fight" the industry's first company to launch internet users insurance plan.

It is reported that the meal I had this protection scheme by the China Ping An (601318, stock it) Insurance for its "tailored" will provide insurance coverage of up to 100,000 yuan insurance every platform I have rice meal diners insurance costs borne by the food I have internet christian louboutin rolando pumps. That is, according to the original diners only need to purchase the dinner processes, do not need to pay an additional insurance to qualify for the insurance. "I have food on the line since the size of any accident has never happened before, and before every dinner shelves are scrutinized, dinner protection scheme is in line with the original intention for the sake of diners, so that we can safely try this new dining mode. we also want to call the entire security industry through such a meal plan to strengthen the protection of both parties. "I have a person in charge said rice market.

The protection scheme clearly pointed out its scope only occurred to me for the specific platform conventions accident insurance on rice dinner place occurred and requires the parties filed within 24 hours of the accident. I have also provided a platform for a meal including micro letter and telephone contact customer service, aimed at the first time of the accident in a timely manner in response to active treatment.

Potatoes, rice I have experienced diners, has participated in more than 40 dinner. "In fact, the dinner has been circulating in the sentence is 'people eat nothing bad eye', but people do eat nature are all relatively optimistic and cheerful, was certainly no stranger to worry about how dinner will have an accident christian louboutin sandals. Conventional participation over dinner, the people coming Duman high quality, there is now after such a protection scheme will be more at ease some of the heart. "

As a stranger never tried the dinner Chu said he such a stranger to dinner on this matter is most worried about food safety, there has been no attempt to go boldly, and now have heard that eating insurance, would be willing to try a bit.

With Internet + shared economic model under matures, more and more industries added to the shared economic tide to start, for the birth of each of the creative industries, the initial total there are different voices and questioned. I have a dinner for the launch of its business insurance plan is not difficult to find christian louboutin slingbacks, start-up companies made positive efforts for innovation and business can be accepted by the public.

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