Monday, February 29, 2016

Small Luxury Industries Boosting Fast

Luxury goods industry as a whole down, targeting popular fast fashion brands are heady. Walking in major shopping malls in Guangzhou, fast fashion stores popular full, before fitting room, cashier are long queues, and other neighboring clothing store deserted in stark contrast.

Fast fashion seems to be an amazing magic traction with customers, this magic comes from fast fashion models and more, the price level and update speed. Each limited number quickly update fast fashion christian louboutin rolando pumps, pose a similar hunger marketing effectiveness, many customers have a habit: every once in a while to go fast fashion stores around to see what new shelves. Thus, the fast fashion stores often "crowds" to ZARA, H & M, Uniqlo as the representatives of the fast fashion brand is earned pours.

Guangzhou public perception of fast fashion is getting stronger. If we say that a few years ago, some belated or fast fashion "guests"; that it just two or three years, fashion has become a fast friend in Guangzhou: a good momentum of development in fast fashion brands including Guangzhou a second-tier cities, including the rapid expansion was not only "capture" a major shopping district of Guangzhou, but also into more people's daily lives. Buy fast fashion, your choice more and more. Of course, you will also find that pocket money is not consciously "jump" to the cashier each fast fashion stores.

However, faced with an increasingly competitive apparel market, consumer spending habits change gradually and increasingly picky tastes, fast fashion days are not so easy. For consumers, they also feel that part christian louboutin sandals of the fast fashion product quality is not satisfactory, the price appears to have shrunk. And Uniqlo, GAP's latest earnings show its performance growth is slowing.

In such a situation, how to find a new growth point, to seize a larger market share and become fast fashion brand imperative. Many fast fashion brands in China to expand the electricity supplier channels, customers will be able to buy homes of their products; while still part of the four-tier cities to open new stores, the channel sink to potential medium and small cities. In addition, they also adopted a new media marketing cross-border cooperation to find a new breakthrough.

In the traditional garment industry as a whole down the background, remain popular fast fashion transformation of other apparel companies also have a certain significance. Domestic garment industry take a lot to learn christian louboutin slingbacks from those international fast fashion brand, not only out of a play to their strengths, but also to adapt to competitive differentiation road market.

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