Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A New Hot Fashion Magazine in Spain

Paper media to die this topic has been talked about too much, but we do not agree with that argument. Media in any era will be demand, but the decline of print media (not completely disappeared), only means that the pattern of media is changing.

Not on the roadside kiosks, but to some specialized bookstores, you will find plenty of niche publications. They may in some niche bookstore - they are not known in the public view, but also accumulated a number of loyal readers, you may also see them in the various categories of buyers shop. Circulation of these publications are not high christian louboutin ankle boots, but that does not mean they can not be profitable.

This time we want to say is the fashion magazine. We report a lot ceased fashion publications, such as "Ruili fashion pioneer," "Fashion Weekly", "fashion bride", "Lucky" and so on. Eyes of ordinary people is probably the fashion magazines like VOGUE as glamorous supermodel wearing big luxury, hands full of jewelery and watches worth tens of millions, bend sexy attitude, and talk about some distant or inspirational life or chicken soup.

But now there are not the same, the fashion magazine target audience becomes critical millennials, in the era of easy access to information so that they want higher quality and more interesting, and more personalized content. Here are a few publications worthy of recommendation.

This is an independent magazine in Spain, the creative team took three years to publish the first book, is also only a three. Founder David Uzquiza and Adrián González-Cohen tired of mainstream publications, so you want to create a truly unique avant-garde publications.

Publications are all bold colors, sharp editorials, as well as 1970s-style graphics, they pay tribute to the oldest fashion magazine, but also has its own style. The content of those contributors christian louboutin boots - such as the legendary photographer Bruce Weber, punk star Patti Smith, as well as by the ladies turn into fashion connoisseurs Chlöe Sevigny and other long list, are impressive.

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