Thursday, February 25, 2016

Health is the Top Priority for All People

Increased physical facilities of public service calls, first from the public health needs. Currently, large stadiums in some places, and public really needs to use a disconnect, in front of the reality of the high maintenance costs, operators often fall into unsustainable dilemma. Data show that China's existing large stadiums christian louboutin peep toe pumps, the standard stadium occupy more than 60% the total number of sports venues, attracting more than 500 people but accounts for less than 55% of the fitness week. Overcharging, poor management, outdated model of development, the service concept behind superimposed ...... various factors, making it difficult to play due to radiation effects.

Stadiums and medium-sized school gyms are also facing this problem. "National Fitness Regulations" provides that "public schools should actively create conditions for sports facilities open to the public," but, by the stadium management of education systems, accounting for 53.01% of the total area of ​​the national stadium, open the current overall rate is still at low levels. Small and medium sized, community-based fitness venues, because the overall number of small, expensive consumption, far unable to meet public needs. As more than 30 million small-scale outdoor sports, even in some cities faced with the gradual disappearance of the crisis.

According to the survey, at 20 years of age to participate in physical exercise in the crowd, more than 20% of people believe that the current sports facilities from expectations, "far away", 65.2% of people want to build communities (township) Fitness center. "Fitness enthusiasm is high, but since less space," can be said that the structural imbalance of supply sports, restricting public workout plan into action an important objective factors christian louboutin pumps. Only continue to strengthen the synergy between departments, in order to attract the participation of social forces to build a good service platform, and effectively solve the problem of good venues, facilities, service facilities keep up with demand and other issues, the degree of urban and rural residents to participate in physical exercise may have "gone. . "

From this perspective, the concept of clearing, institutional barriers, promote the popularization and development of the national fitness sports industry, it is to improve people's livelihood and well-being, enhance the people's sense of obtaining necessary move. It is precisely because, in recent years, the state sports department repeatedly urged governments at all levels to provide public sports services, local governments have also gradually fitness into the local economic and social development plan.

Meet the public's growing demand for physical exercise, the key is "the right medicine, syndrome differentiation." "Suitable for the elderly, women and children, fitness path, less special venues; for morning and evening exercises, women and stylistic unity of space utilization, less specificity site; outdoor venues christian louboutin rolando pumps, but few indoor venues." Some scholars have used "three three small" summed up the domestic public sports facilities configuration. Reform of sports, we need to revitalize the stock of resources, good incremental article, to break the impact of industrial development "obstruction." As more sports into the "fitness" mode, the public every passion, every drop of sweat, to find a suitable space to release and sway.

"This year, next year bamboo bamboo shoots, young body Zhuang elderly blessing." National health is the foundation of national prosperity, the sport is the most effective investment to achieve health. Per capita of about 1.5 meters, or about 23 A4-size paper sports area, more than 10 years ago, an increase of 40% compared to developed countries christian louboutin sandals, but still not a small gap. From now on, the relevant units of the initiative to "dry up", people take the initiative to "practice" it is booming fitness, physical fitness and continuously improve national vision, we will be able to soon become deeply proud of the "capital of happiness", work and life "source of power."

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