Monday, February 29, 2016

Traditional Chinese New Year Ceremony

City of San Marino in a doorway decorated houses, red lanterns hanging door, door covered with red carpet, like a ceremony. Dressed as Qing Dynasty "princess" look like "Babes" were lined up at the door welcoming, that came to the palace of the Qing Dynasty general.

Into the courtyard is full of rich Chinese Spring Festival atmosphere, the right hand side is the snacks stalls, there are flour stalls selling candied fruit stalls, live entertainment pull Sugar dough booth christian louboutin peep toe pumps, the booth also decorated with monkey pattern painting. Even better is in line with the Monkey, as well as a three year old monkey coming true, this cute monkey and we have to attract their photo.

Pool side yard placed a dozen large table covered with red tablecloths, supporting the Chinese bamboo chairs, the other side is a special ice ice monkey, map lights at night is very beautiful. Pool area is directly opposite a region surrounded by peach dessert, snacks are printed with a special dessert Chinese word blessing, good luck dolls, red lanterns and other patterns, full of festive holiday.

Following the Year of the Ram temple held a party last year, hostess Cindy Chen held again this year the Chinese New Year family party, she said, she has held for three consecutive years of Chinese New Year theme party at home, a company specializing in Western bar, there is a company in charge of Chinese food , as well as responsible for performing companies. More lively than the previous year, the theme is the feeling of want to create a Chinese night market, waiters are dressed as Qing Dynasty hawkers appearance, on-site production of dumplings, fish balls, cakes, etc., also invited dough artists. Guests are the closest friends and family christian louboutin pumps, a total of 100 bits. Scene, dragon and lion dances, as well as acrobatics and magic show, called Family New Year party.

She says they are a people like the excitement, the annual Spring Festival family are gathered here from all directions, we dressed up three generations, before the banquet began shooting the whole family, and friends to enjoy together after meals and performances to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is Chinese tradition as well as their home an annual tradition.

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