Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fashion Weeks for Super Market

Compared beautiful fashion, New York, London Fashion Week was probably the most exciting "that look that you buy" consumption patterns. Burberry announced that starting from September this year, after the catwalks customers can quickly buy new show by way of online and offline, Tommy Hilfiger christian louboutin sandals, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and other big names were also added to this model.

We log Burberry official website, in the "Miss" column select the "fashion series in February 2016," a total of 32 shows in the same coat and a nail polish to choose from. Probably on the "real wear ism" insisted coat uniform wind or whether England Plaid patterns are very atmospheric models out to the streets. However, now only order stage, single before March 7, 12-18 to wait weeks to receive the goods. Customer service told us that, at present, will showcase new products only within a store Burberry flagship store in London and Paris.

This is already a leap in nearly a century ago, the new show are from the order to the production line, the last to enter the market, the basic needs of six months christian louboutin slingbacks. In the "per-view that is to buy" after the implementation of mass production "explosion models" completely rely on the brand's grasp.

"Consumers do not care reviews and fashion magazine, only interested in talking about Rihanna presentation or on social media Instagram." Designer Tom Ford said. This also shows that the impact of social media consumers increasingly strong, people like the fresh quick message, rather than the traditional and backward fashion week platform.

Open Twitter a key purchase, enter the Apple Music network exclusive music channels ...... for heat, Burberry seemed full of ambition. Men's Week beginning, it had invited Chinese actor Wu Yifan group rate mode catwalk, even still today the official microblogging released by the Wu Yifan. For a time maxed out Chinese netizens microblogging Home, Brand Officer micro night up tens of thousands of fans, the original "otherworldly" big show so that the topic of full.

In yet another aspect, the slow progress of the fashion week also led to the devaluation of their ideas, the world of civilians already copied it overturned. ZARA are due to receive a copy on the ten million euros a year ticket, but still without prejudice to its founder aspirations of the world's richest man christian louboutin sneakers. To fight against the deterioration of the big draw is only when the highest heat sent later links instead of hope, "living in the moment," the girls remember six months ago their grass lists.

"Just the current stage, the designer can also make individual orders for goods according to customer reaction and adjustment." Cindy said local designers, " 'That look that buy' very suitable for China, this year's Shanghai Fashion Week may also appear, has buyers and we discuss this model of. "

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