Thursday, February 25, 2016

Loftwork Artwork Management

In order to attract more travelers to the tourist, and a more pro way to show local specialties, Japan Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture in 2013 - launched a program called "The USIO Project" in 2015, will contact local businesses and designers together, so that the two sides cooperate with each other together to Ishigaki repackaging and design christian louboutin sandals. "Usio" this word has meaning tide, where it is the meaning of hope that through this program, such as tide-like attract people to the island.

An important part of this plan is to invite USIO island dozens of specialty designers and souvenirs redesigned packaging. These brightly colored packaging style, fresh and lively, beautiful island style. For example, one of the products are locally grown flowers and tea, tea box packaging like a small house, combined with a feeling of village life. Further, in the south of Japan Ishigaki Yaeyama Islands, west of the East China Sea, close from Taiwan, with organizers saying, "This is a unique fusion of local culture by the Okinawa, Japan and Taiwan culture together," so you can see this feature from the product.

Project by the Japanese company's Loftwork operational management. The company provides network platform for artists and designers, combined with a number of artists and designers to do the design for the Japanese local industry and agriculture. Their work is very rich in content, packaging design, web design, event planning christian louboutin slingbacks, spatial planning are included. The first phase of the plan by USIO competition invited designers Ishigaki design packaging, packaging is the final presentation of the contribution scheme victory will put into use, the island can buy.

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