Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Delivery Company More than What You Imagine

While SF has never published their own business data, but the company is the industry's profitability has been recognized as the highest. In the new market environment, "not bad money," the SF requires more capital operation.

SF Express has already started is not a simple courier companies. Beginning last year, the original SF business segments are divided into six business groups operate independently of business: speed transport business group, business group business, supply chain business group, with warehouse logistics business group christian louboutin mary jane pumps, financial services business group, SF International Business Group. Business related to courier, fresh electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier, financial payment, unmanned aerial vehicles and the like.

Industry experts believe that the SF market, the overall valuation of more than 100 billion yuan, "SF split alone will not be known to the industry, but also by the business as a quick listing of quality assets, but is packaged together to form the overall listing" .

SF in people's minds has been playing a rich man, but opinion, SF need money to children very much, "SF though not the most money, but rely Merchants and CITIC Capital and other institutions is not the most good way to own blood is the key. "

According to Beijing Daily reporter, is currently brewing SF multiple distribution centers, airports, unmanned aerial vehicles, SF payment and banking business plans christian louboutin peep toe pumps, while also being SF courier mode change. In the industry view, after the listing of the influx of capital will undoubtedly accelerate the implementation of large projects.

In addition to capital requirements, policies to promote also express delivery companies listed plays an important role. Last October, the State Council issued a document that supports the delivery of public financing corporate mergers and acquisitions. At present, China's express delivery has experienced a decade of rapid growth, now coincides with the traditional national sector reform, policy support and other opportunities, listed companies can take the initiative in the competition. In addition, the listing will also be greatly improved ability to resist risks express delivery companies.

SF's official website information display, was established in 1993 SF establish a large information collection, marketing, logistics, express mail and other business institutions christian louboutin pumps and Collection and Delivery service network, as of July 2015, SF has nearly 340,000 employees 1.6 million units of transport vehicles, 19 cargo aircraft owned and throughout mainland China, more than 12,260 overseas outlets.

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