Thursday, February 25, 2016

Magic Book Store in London

Narrow space, several tall bright yellow wooden shelves from floor to ceiling through, extended from the entrance to the depths of the bookstore, shaped like books piled up on both sides of the wall christian louboutin peep toe pumps. Surface "wall" undulating like waves, which can be embedded for people to sit down and read the "niches." Between empty bookcase stocked with the same material at the yellow table, there are some style not matching chairs. The laying of the ceiling mirror, put everything all mapping, copy again.

Libreria bookstore there are two characteristics: the strict implementation of the provisions of no cell phone, hoping the door after customer obsession aside for such electronic products; In addition, in order to allow readers to enjoy the "exploration" of the process, here are books by genre and non-display category, for example there will be "mother", "whore" this theme, a book of poetry will appear at the top of the evolutionary psychology books.

This store is more relaxed than our common bookstore atmosphere, so that the reader safely in a more comfortable undisciplined state, but it is not a completely messy disorder christian louboutin pumps. Like with the sense of reality than fantasy, suitable as a movie scene.

Libreria bookstore designed by Spanish architectural design firm Selgascano. That they had a partner, joint office space in London Second Home founder commissioned to design a bookstore. With such a fantastic sense of design is not without reason. Selgascano by "The Library of Babel," the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges inspired by the classic novel design.

Borges's works deep and full of philosophizing, is that "reflects the sense of unreality and chaos in the world literature", dreams, maze, time, space, and other gods is one of the eternal theme. In the novel "The Library of Babel", the fictional Borges composed of numerous books, bookshelves constructed library christian louboutin rolando pumps, there are an infinite number of hexagonal cloister composed of the above full of books, filled with endless written symbols . He used it to signify the universe, all languages, grammar and ideas will be repeated in the infinite time and space.

Although designers just get inspiration from novels, Libreria bookstore design can not be fully expressed Borges Reflection of the world, but this filled with books, as surreal space, revealing subtle novels which that, "library (ie universe) seemingly random, but it actually is orderly and eternal."

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