Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Third Period of E-Commerce

Electricity supplier 3.0 refer to the past couple of years to grow up a number of "mobile + social" feature of the electricity supplier.

3.0 electricity supplier like buyers shop, gather each store brand is not the same, it may be more own tonality. The main services in the positioning of certain goods or tonal interested consumers, is more personalized recommendation and discovery in the maintenance of their customer base, in various ways. This personalized mobile provider, scene of positioning is similar.

Buyers shop model is small but beautiful, the size of the current market value in the order of one billion US dollars. For example mushroom Street, Little Red Book are now in the market value of this magnitude range (of course still growing into), the traditional line under the famous boutiques Saks Fifth Avenue is a $ 2.9 billion valuation was acquired.

Buyers shop can do ecological and see the merit Wish

From electricity supplier electricity suppliers 3.0 1.0 evolution to look at the size of the plate smaller, but CRE Capital Investment US mobile provider Wish there is a very good ways to overcome this limitation.

Wish the first to do product recommendation engine, it was derived from the cross-border electricity supplier business model. Wish currently has tens of millions of subscribers christian louboutin wedding shoes, primarily serving low-income groups in the United States and other overseas countries, a large number of sellers on the platform end sellers from around the world.

Just mentioned, the electricity supplier 3.0 times mobile social electricity providers often as buyers shop as "small and beautiful", but after Wish developed to a certain volume, by product matrix approach to such a diversified range of users greatly improve their worth.

For example, Wish 3C category for users interested in doing a second App, called Geek. And later it introduced a App is called Mama, apparently for maternal and child category. Wish through the front diversified product matrix approach to meet the needs of different groups in vertical movement, while the rear end is opened in the commodity of a global supply chain.

Wish hope to achieve with this approach ecosystem-level things, that the electricity supplier electricity suppliers to achieve 3.0 times 1.0 scale. The current market value is already beautiful Wish said many times mushroom Street, the future certainly can reach tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars level.

Wish founder Danny said his rival Wal-Mart christian louboutin wedges, Wal-Mart is now the year GMV probably more than 4000 billion dollars. In contrast, Wish there is a very large room for growth.

From the changes brought about by the mobile provider and value, it can also be meticulous division, and on the need for non-just just need category, mobile providers are core to achieve different tasks. For non just need category, the main requirement is to create new, and try to be able to improve margins platforms; for just need category, the thing to do is to increase consumer contacts actually increased contact contact consumer goods .

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