Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Director Change of Zhongtou Group

March 10 evening, the group re-released resignation announcement that Mr. Li Peiyu due to work, the board of directors has resigned, resigned as chairman of the company's executive director, chairman of the Board Strategy and Investment Committee members and risk management Committee chairman, Committee member christian louboutin wedges. Contribution during the tenure of the Board of Directors of Mr. Li re-development of the Group made very much appreciated.

At the same time, the list of the board's official website re-group, no chairman. According to the company's past practice, the former party secretary in as the occasion was also nominated as chairman of the board candidates. Barring unforeseen circumstances, then the new party secretary Yuan Riverside Group as its new chairman candidates. Subject to the Board of Directors through the election and other related processes christian louboutin sale uk, and the qualifications required by the CIRC approval.

Economic Observer reported March 9 had an exclusive report, the major shareholder of another group - China Investment Corporation (the "Investment Corporation") on March 5 issued appointments and dismissals within the file christian louboutin uk outlet, chairman of the Group Mr. Li not clear then again any party secretary, the Central CIC international Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CIC international") Riverside general manager Yuan took office the post.

Registration System Cannot Step Forward Solely

This year's "Government Work Report" no mention of the registration system reform, "Thirteen Five" Plan proposed in the draft should create conditions to implement the stock issuance registration system. So when the market concerned registration system introduced, Liu Shiyu give a clear answer christian louboutin sandals, the registration system is a must do, as to how to engage, to make a thorough study.

Liu Shiyu said about registration system reform, I specifically took a little time to study, roughly divided into two aspects: one is the registration system also pursues, on the other hand is how to engage. These two aspects are not contradictory, but consistent. Here clear answer, a registration system must be engaged.

However, as to how to engage christian louboutin slingbacks, to make a thorough study. Eighth session of the Third Plenary "sound multi-level capital market system, promote the registration system reform, promote equity financing through multiple channels," which several reforms are not isolated, independent, and even split option, they are mutually progressive relationship . That is, the multi-level capital market do a good job, you can create favorable conditions for the registration system reforms.

Meanwhile, Liu Shiyu said registration system reform requires a fairly sophisticated legal environment. Last December 27, the NPC Standing Committee adopted the special special authorization christian louboutin sneakers, effective from March 1 this year, marking the government can start the registration system with the existing approval system reform, institutional approval system needed to convert between a series of complementary rules and regulations. These supporting rules and regulations, research and feasibility studies need a fairly long process.

"In this process, we must fully communicate, to reach a consensus and unite forces, supporting the reform process requires considerable, quite a long time. Registration system is not man Drang." Liu Shiyu said, "whether it is registered or approval system system, we must always uphold the protection of investors' legitimate rights and interests of the concept of good faith christian louboutin wedding shoes, the issuer disclosure rigorous reality check, even if this is the future implementation of a registration system, not only can not relax and must be strengthened. "

Giving More Financial Support to High Inonovations

National Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi 13th at the Great Hall of the channel minister said in an interview, I believe that this year's "double hit" will be greater development, one of the main path is to create a better market environment and institutional environment, strengthen financial support christian louboutin mary jane pumps, further development of angel investment, venture capital, industrial investment.

Xu Shaoshi said that the supply-side structural reforms need to lead through innovation. Slow global economic recovery, new technologies and new industries developed rapidly, but the new format christian louboutin peep toe pumps. The international community generally believes that the economic recovery hopes on scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution and the breeding breakthrough.

Xu Shaoshi said that this is just an innovation and our innovation-driven strategy historic crossroads, provides us with a window of opportunity. Therefore, we should catch up in some areas to track, parallel to some areas, some areas to fight for the lead.

At present, the country has made significant deployment, the top-level design, innovative institutional mechanisms to ensure the deployment of innovation-driven strategy, also announced the "Internet +" strategy to cultivate new impetus to the development, and guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries christian louboutin pumps. The State Department also introduced to encourage the public entrepreneurship and innovation, guidance documents, and create a "four all" platform.

Xu Shaoshi said he believes this year's "double hit" will be greater development, there are two main paths. First, the government will further decentralization, stimulate more market players vitality. At the same time, to create a better market environment and institutional environment, strengthen financial support to further development of angel investment, venture capital, industrial investment. We believe the public medium and small entrepreneurs christian louboutin rolando pumps, scientists, returnees, will actively participate in the "double hit" teams to further better development.

Put More Emphasis on Reforming 5 Most Important Areas

Recently, the reporter from the regional Development and Reform Commission held thematic meeting was informed that, in our region this year will highlight market-oriented, problem-oriented, the implementation of supervision, focus their efforts on a number of landmark down roots lead of key reform tasks christian louboutin black, so that the reform dividend conversion economic development momentum.

Promote economic reform. The introduction of the autonomous region in 2016 to deepen economic reform priorities opinions, according to the central deployment steadily institutions and state-owned enterprises reform of public service vehicles, industry associations and chambers of commerce executive decoupling and other key areas of reform. Reforms have been introduced to implement, promote reform landing force.

Deepen the investment and financing system christian louboutin ankle boots. Promote decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service to develop in depth study and propose further standardize work processes, and strengthen supervision of a matter of opinion afterwards; evaluate decentralization work, examination and approval of individual grassroots indeed unable to undertake the recovery of the higher authorities the exercise of authority. Manage and use the online investment platform for regulatory approval, to ensure that play a role. Continue to clean up regulate investment approval mediation matters, efforts to get rid of the "red top intermediary." Co-ordinate arrangements central budget for investment and special construction fund, priority support government and social capital to invest in cooperation accord (PPP) projects, further activate social capital.

Strengthening the social credit system. The introduction of autonomous credit information management approach, to ensure that the administrative licensing and administrative punishment credit information "double publicity" covering the region's cities and counties. The establishment of Guangxi rural credit information databases christian louboutin boots. Support Nanning, Guilin create a national credit model city.

Further promote price reform. Accelerate the transmission and distribution tariff reform; continue to do long-distance natural gas pipeline ventilation City Price approved work; advancing medical service price classification management, timely release full market competition, strong demand for personalized medical service prices. According to the principle of voluntary participation in municipal conduct TOU pilot for national support for our region to establish tariff and trade-related sales price linkage mechanism.

Health Reform. Grasp the comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals work full coverage, expansion of urban public hospital reform pilot cities to promote the grading clinic, expand health service integration, medical conjoined pilot; control public hospital medical expenses to increase unreasonably. Full implementation of urban and rural residents illness insurance system, the new rural cooperative fund to achieve full coverage of municipal co-ordination christian louboutin flats. Improve the basic drug system and the new system of grass-roots, non-public medical institutions to promote the scale, level.

Foreign Capitals Invested on the Reform of State-owned Firms

This morning, before the second session of the third plenary meeting of the Fourth Session of the National People's Congress, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng after March 9 took second Great Hall "minister channel" interview with reporters red bottom shoes uk outlet, he said, to actively open access to high-end manufacturing restrictions on foreign investment to encourage foreign investment in the transformation of state-owned enterprises, the transformation and upgrading and innovation development.

Gao said, foreign investment is an area of ​​great concern to everyone. President Xi on different occasions stressed that China's utilization of foreign capital will not change three, one is to attract foreign investment policy will not change, encourage foreign development to provide security services in this policy will not change, in addition to providing a supportive environment will not change. Li Jiabao in his government work report which proposed to make to attract foreign investment in China has become a hot spot. "We have to attract foreign investment $ 126 billion last year red bottom shoes uk online, an increase of 5.6%, we note that this change in structure, 70% invest in high-end manufacturing and service industries." He said, "There is a trend in foreign investment, with the domestic industry to upgrade very similar, it is to invest in high-tech, high-tech, high-end manufacturing and a large number of services, which is a big trend we see in general manufacturing, etc. to see some exits while this trend.

With the implementation of and promote the "along the way" initiative, China's central and western regions of China and along the Yangtze River in Yanbian another open forefront of the field. Gao Hucheng said, "In the past a very long period of time, the Midwest use of foreign capital is low, only about 16% a few years ago in the last year," along the way before "initiative may be only 12%, there is also increasing, but we We believe that there is still great potential cheap red bottom shoes uk. we are now working out a new foreign investment industrial guidance Catalogue Midwest, further liberalization of market access into the Midwest. "

Yanbian area along the border economic cooperation zones and the development of cross-border economic cooperation zone, promote the further opening up Yanbian and along the river. In addition, access areas to relax foreign investment, especially in the service sector, such as technology, finance, education, culture, logistics and other aspects, to further expand opening up, while high-end manufacturing to actively study open access restrictions on foreign investment red bottom shoes uk store, actively encourage foreign investment in the transformation of state-owned enterprises, the transformation and upgrading and innovation development.

Personalized Requirements Made by High-end Consumers

March 13, in the country "two sessions", "minister channel", Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng told the media that there have been differences of consumption, the supply of the product, "We have to admit now demand more and more high-level personalization so consumption abroad is increasing christian louboutin shoes uk online, this is our supply-side reforms to be adjusted where consumption abroad is a lot of high-quality, branded products. to optimize the consumption environment protection. "

According to the official China Central Broadcasting sound of micro reported that Gao Hucheng at "minister channel" interview that the cost of Chinese consumption in circulation is more expensive cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, which is twice the developed countries, more than before is 20 yuan, now 15 16 yuan, mainly distribution between cities should strengthen the construction of infrastructure, especially in cold chain development.

Gao Hucheng, last year China resident card consumption abroad 90 billion, how to promote domestic consumption depends on income. 2015, China's per capita income of more than $ 8,000, according to estimates of international institutions, $ 8,000 into the middle-income countries. 20 years ago, exports, investment christian louboutin shoes uk store, consumption, consumption (accounting) is always the lowest, but not anymore, GDP6.9% growth last year, consumption accounted for 66.4%, becoming the troika of the most powerful impetus.

Gao said, in the consumer area, personalized consumer products, differentiation, branding, but the service consumer popularity, the basis of the stage, home economics, health care, education or health tourism hot spots, there is a huge rural market.

He also mentioned that the use of foreign capital to optimize layout. Now China has become the Midwest open a new frontier, the Midwest last year, foreign investment accounted for only 16% before "along the way" only 12% of policy implementation red bottom shoes sale uk, "We are now developing a directory guide Midwest attract foreign investment, further open."

Banking Commission Judges Social Financial Institutions

Turning to Mr. Pan "down payment loans" when they respond, and some real estate development companies, real estate agency run by financial services, did not achieve the appropriate qualifications, which engaged in financial business itself is illegal, but there are still self-financing , self-insurance, a pool of money out of the phenomenon. These self-managed financial services and mortgage down payment of some financial products business cooperation with P2P platform to carry out cheap christian louboutin uk, there is provided not only increase the residents purchase leverage and weaken the effectiveness of macro-control policies, increased financial risk, while also increasing the real estate market risk.

In this regard, Mr. Pan said that People's Bank of China will, together with relevant departments, combined with the upcoming special rectification of Internet financial activities, real estate agencies, real estate development companies and their financial services in cooperation with the P2P platform to carry out rectification christian louboutin uk store, combating customers provide down payment mortgage financing, purchase increased leverage, disguised breakthrough housing credit policies.

Shang Fulin stressed that P2P services, China Banking Regulatory Commission will continue to strengthen supervision, together with relevant departments to carry out special treatment of Internet banking. "Here I want to remind you, in time to participate in social activities, finance, must be very careful to focus our attention on 'Three Views' First Look object to see if it is not for a specific object in the community does not raise funds. Second is to look at returns. See extraordinary Gregory is not a commitment in return. now the situation of the enterprise, economic development we all know christian louboutin shoes sale uk, frequently up to ten percent, even more than ten percent return, which is impossible to do this there is suspicion of illegal fund-raising. Third, look at marketing. to see whether to raise funds in the form of publicity. "Shang Fulin said.

Shang Fulin also warned that the current domestic situation is fairly grim illegal fund-raising, the case is high and frequent stage manner and pattern of crime has also been refurbished. For example, e rent treasure, under the guise of the name of the Internet and P2P, to attract capital to the community is not a specific object christian louboutin shoes uk outlet, suspected of illegal fund-raising, the current authorities have investigated and punished, they are recovered assets to maximize recover damages.